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Sunday, September 26, 2010

All Hail King Henrik!


I came across this Lundqvist shirt from

Check it out:

Nick from The Rangers Tribune recently wore this shirt at the Henrik Lundqvist bus ceremony and he told me that Henrik himself told him that the shirt is "very cool", so this shirt is Henrik Lundqvist approved.


  1. Sweet.....But the design is a little plain.
    But It's cool that Enrik likes it. hahahaha

    BTW - You got MSN Messenger? if you want talk Henrik there...just curious.......

  2. I don't have MSN Messenger, I have AIM..

  3. well if you want to just talk - I got e-mail. I'm sure in these super technological times -we all have e - mail.LOL

    i hope i don't sound weird........

  4. To Anonymous, How does a Hick like you find her way here???

    You must mistake us for some puck bunnies...Well were NOT.

    We simply come here to apriciate him,as a human being and hockey player.

    And If he rejected a "fat fan" like you and you just came here to Rant about it....To teach us a lesson??!! - Your Pathetic! Go EAT SOME CAKE TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER. FATSO!

    Nobody thinks of him the way you Do. Obviously he is part of the brand.DUH!

    I think he genuinely appriciates his fans. If it weren't for them he would not be playing in New York. Thanks to Fans he became a Star in New York.


    Rose, I just thought i could be friends with a fellow Rangers and Henrik fan. That's all.

  5. I won't even dignify that ridiculous comment with a response. Whoever that pathetic excuse for a human being is, they need to seek attention elsewhere. I won't tolerate negativity towards fans stemming from their jealously. Especially an anonymous comment. Henrik is the rare athlete who actually appreciates his fans, and this is a place for his fans to gather. If anyone has a problem with that then DON"T visit this blog.

  6. If the sentiment in my post isn't reflected in the feelings of those that visit let them express it. It's unfair to the community to cherry pick posts.

  7. You want me to keep your comments? Use a name then, you coward. If you want to hate on Henrik, I understand- but his fans? Grow up.