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Monday, September 27, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist Vanity Fair Photo Taken by Ryan Miller


On the NHL's media day we heard that Henrik was going to be photographed by Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, and today at least one photo has surfaced. If there are more, I'll have them as they become available. Henrik is wearing the NHL's special Hockey Fights Cancer tie.

For more info check out:


  1. I think it's 1) unfair to leave NY's other starting goaltender out of the fun and 2) unfair to taunt Henrik (it's the closest he'll get to the Vezina). Also, is Henrik starting on Wednesday?

  2. I assume you're referring to Miller and not say, Dipietro with that first comment- if so, he wasn't entirely left out he's the one who photographed Henrik and a few other players as well.

    I'm pretty sure Miller was not holding his Vezina up in the background to get that look out of Henrik lol I'm sure he believes, just as his fans do that he will one day win it too.

    As far as starting on Wednesday, so far there hasn't been an official announcement but if I had to guess I would say yes, he would be starting since Biron got the last one and Johnson was sent down today.

  3. I WAS talking about DiPietro - who's apparently very healthy.

    Rose, you do a great job with this site. All the relevant links - in fact, i come here first to hit the others up, but I guess that's the idea. New posts just about everyday. Henrik appearances and sightings. What's he up to today? Tomorrow? How'd he feel after the game? hlundqvst.blogspot has my answers.

    My question: How do you do it?

    Are you going to beef up on the game content once the Rangs drop the puck on this season?

  4. Thank you for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it. Thank you for coming here first. I try to be that one spot for everything Henrik since there are so many great Rangers blogs out there already. When I started this site, there weren't any sites devoted to just Henrik- now a few others have popped up but I try my hardest to get all the news, information and photos here first.

    When the season starts I intend to have Henrik's post-game reactions, photos and any other relevant news that involves him both on and off the ice.

  5. More idolatry, a perfect example of an institution CREATING an institution - the former comprised of both the magazine and the blogosphereites.

    To piggy back on what Anonymous was saying, where is DiPietro? Is it that he doesn't fit into the goaltender-as-celebrity fashion-socialite? Is it that he is portrayed at a rugged, grid-it-out, hard luck type of player which heavily contrasts to the graceful style (on and off the ice) of Miller and Lundqvist? Is it that he career has become something of local folklore or that among the top google suggestions when typing his name are "contract" and "injury update?"

    Is this New York City being New York City, going about its business like they're the only team that exists (see: new third jersey)?

  6. Well, I know apparently DiPietro is healthy but there are no guarantees, right? I have no idea if or when he will be playing, though I am not an Islanders fan so I don't follow him or that team. Maybe he will start this season, but who's the say his body will hold up? I assume he wasn't involved in the NHL's media day because how can you market a player that has barely played the last two seasons and is not entirely sure he will play a whole season this year?

    And I don't see anything wrong with the new third jerseys. The Rangers were New York's first NHL team and wore jerseys with "New York" on them in the past. You must be an Islanders fan.

  7. Throwing it back to an era when they were the only team in new york is of itself a slight to other teams in new york.

    Surely, he deserves to be a part of media day, no? When he's healthy he has put up number comparable to the two previously mentioned goalies, not to mention the marquee that comes with being first goalie drafted at number one. It's hard to believe that the Isles didn't push for his involvement, he's the franchise rests on his shoulders (and hips, and knees). If you think Tarves can pull it off, think again.

  8. @The Press and Anon... The 2010 NHL Player Media Tour (which is where the photo shoot by Miller happened) included only 20 players. Not even one from each team, never mind a goalie from each team. Tavares was there; the Islanders were already represented. And having Lundqvist and Miller there likely had nothing to do with them being two of the three NYS goalies; if one was to concern themselves with NY goalies, odds are they would have gone NY-area goalies and included Brodeur over Miller.

    The reality is that the Media Tour had the players with the biggest combos of name recognition in their home markets plus skill, or something akin to that. And the Islanders went with Tavares over a goalie who, though he may be healthy now, had rare appearances over the past year-plus, 'socialite' or not. Pretty sure it wasn't a dig at the Islanders or DP, it's just they way things played out, so maybe don't treat it as if the NHL, Lundqvist, or Miller have some sort of personal vendetta against you, your goalie, and your team.

    Oh, and to try and paint the Rangers' third jersey as some sort of egomaniacal ploy to minimize the other NY teams is rather eqomaniacal of you to even suggest. Do you seriously think the Rangers' merchandising/equipment department specifically plotted to have vintage-looking jerseys to somehow diminish the franchises of the NYI/NJD/Sabres? That's giving them way too much credit; a third jersey means more merchandise sales, pure and simple.