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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interview


Unfortunately, I have no idea what Henrik is saying in this video but he does look great in it. If any Swedish readers would like to translate for the rest of us that would be much appreciated.


  1. Here it comes, I guess it's on the season premiere in Europe:

    "Nowadays, I think you grow up watching the NHL, especially with the access to the Internet and all the TV choices. It's incredibly fun to come home to Europe and play. I was in Prague a couple of years ago, and many Swedish players get the chance to go to Sweden and play, so it's fun for both the players and fans. There are a lot of fans that follows the NHL at night in Sweden and Europe, so a chance to watch it live means a lot.

    I think that more and more younger guys have NHL as the main goal in their hockey careers, and I think they get that goal very early. Personally, when I grew up, it was to make the Swedish elite league and make the national team. And then the next level will become making the NHL automatically, but of course it was my dream to play in the NHL.

    Now when you're home over the summer you notice that the younger guys wants to go to the NHL and they want to do that fast, for better or worse. Sometimes it's better to be patient and play an extra year in Sweden before deciding on trying your luck in the NHL."

  2. Thank you, Maxi! Too bad the Rangers aren't playing a game in Sweden, right? It would be huge, I'd assume. Would you say they are the most popular NHL team in Sweden because of Henrik?

  3. Henrik does get a fair share of publicity in Sweden( I know because I read Sweedish Websites at times)

    The Rangers are popular by association, I guess.

    I'm sure they would love to see him there, play hockey or just be there. And his twin brother is there playing for their old club(Frolunda)

  4. Yeah, It'd be awesome to watch the Rangers live in Sweden (even though I watched them live back when I lived in Scarsdale and Hank was a rookie).

    I'd say the Rangers are one of the most popular, for sure. But I guess the most popuar team is the Red Wings, due to its many Swedes on their roster. :)

  5. That's true, how could I have forgotten about the Red Wings? Especially since we're playing them right now lol