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Friday, September 24, 2010

Henrik to Play Entire Game Saturday

Henrik Lundqvist told The Post he expects to play the entire game tomorrow night in New Jersey.

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  1. Awsome! I'd love to catch that game - If I can.
    Maybe on the internet or something cuz i dont live in NYC.

    BTW - You should see Avery's picture. It's hilarious! He's actually wearing sunglasses. Blue to be exact. Hahaha

    It's on HF Boards - Look it Up.

    Happy Friday!

  2. MSG is televising the game, so I'm sure you will find it somewhere on the internet. I can't wait, it feels like forever since he last played.

    I did see Avery's picture, haha. It's awesome. A few seasons ago, he wore regular glasses in his headshot too. I love his non-conformist attitude, he actually shows personality.

    Happy Friday to you too!

  3. Well he has the balls to do it,LOL

    He gets made fun of ny other NHLers,But at least he can back it. or whatever,LOL.

    Funny because his "personality" seems to only fit the Rangers - other teams hate him. Remember DALLAS???

    But long as his game works towards our advantage....we can tame the animal.

    And yeah - I miss him playing for us.Henke I mean.

  4. I'm a big believer in Avery being an asset to us. He can draw penalties, get the opponents star players off their games, and score goals. Last year I think that was missing because of Torts. I think we're going to the see that old Avery this season, at least that's what he says. The whole Dallas thing worked out for him, he got his money from them, but got to play where I believe he really wanted to all along- here in NY. He's smarter than people give him credit for. Plus, he's like Henrik's best friend on the team lol for that reason alone I think he'll be around for awhile.

  5. I rember that interview - "Whats the best part about tonite?"
    - Getting payed by 2 teams, Lol

    He cracks me up at times.

    Yeah people disliked Torts for taking Avery's game away. There was that fear when a volcano meets a tornado, kinda thing. People wondered how they would mesh when Torts first came in.

    Now that he is coming back as himself - I mean it's a matter of time as to whats gonna happen.

    As much as he fits in NY - he can also be a liability,However, I'd like to believe that perhaps after all this time he would realise a few things and not be too much of an animal on ice.(Meaning not being too much of a distraction on ice - as he has been in the past) Everything in moderation.

  6. Yes, I loved that answer! lol, he is a funny guy. I also loved the "Fatso there just forgot to shake my hand" comment after we beat the Devils in the playoffs. How did you like Avery tonight? I think the old Sean is back! He played with his edge and got into Kovy's head yet again. He owns Marty and Kovy, I love it. He has to play this way to be effective.

  7. He's Alright last Nite. Wish he would beat Kovy's a**. I hate the Devils. They think they are so freaking awsome.Because of Kovy. and Fatso.Pfft.

    Stupid Refs...I'd loove for Avery to kick some butt.He Tried - I give him credit for that.

    Really disappointed with they way Henrik played.I thought coming off a long summer he would comeback in better shape/state of mind.
    1st goal........ok he was confused.he didn't see it.Fine.....But the others??? Not Good.

  8. I hate the Devils with a passion. I just despise them, everyone from Fatso to Lou. Anyway, I was disappointed with Henrik's game too but we have to remember a) he didn't have his best d-men in front of him and b) he has stated that he starts slow and this is only the pre-season. I don't think we have to worry about him. He'll be fine once the season starts.

  9. I hope so - He is the Only Reason why we get to be in the playoffs. Sans last season.

    If he loses his focus...Not sure how far we can get with Biron. So.....

    I like him a lot as a goaltender(and person) so all of my hopes are on him.

  10. About Lou, I'm also a Canucks Fan.

    I used to have issues with him because he extremley slow. And a few other things so.....

    Now I think He's better this season. Sorry 4 the rant.

    I get the anger, I'm a team player - I tend to find a way to like all the players on the team. Lol

  11. Ohh haha I meant Lou L, the Devils GM. The only non-Devil I despise is Crosby and maybe Pronger. It's alright haha and I'm confidant that Lundqvist will be the least of our worries this season, as always. We just need to be more offensive this year. So far, we're scoring more so that's a good sign.

  12. Oh - Sorry. My brained is wired the wrong way today.

    well there are a lot players are worth loathing,LOL