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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Want to Ride Around a NYC Tour Bus With Henrik on August 31st?

Our next "Ride of Fame" inductee is New York Ranger's starting goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist. On August 31, at 12:30 pm, Henrik will be the fourth inductee to be honored by Gray Line New York, for his exemplary representation of New York City. Henrik is an Olympic gold medalist and the spokesperson for the Garden of Dreams Foundation. Since its inception in 2006, the Garden of Dreams Foundation has created once in a lifetime experiences at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, the MSG Training Center, Fuse and the Beacon Theatre for more than 134,000 tri-state area children in crisis.

This opportunity sounds amazing, hurry up and tweet to CityExpertsNY or GrayLineNewYork!

First 20 to RT get on the tour bus with #NYRangers Henrik Lundqvist, August 31st @ 12pm in
#NYC #nyr #NHL

For more info:

Ride of Fame is a series of mobile monuments celebrating the endeavors of exemplary New Yorkers. An "exemplary New Yorker" is a public figure who has represented New York positively in all of his or her endeavors and has proven why New York is the best city in the United States. Each exemplary New Yorker will be presented with his / her own unique decal permanently applied to one iconic, red Gray Line New York double decker bus at ribbon-cutting ceremony. Millions of sightseers will be able to "ride" the honoree's bus each day from that moment forward. Hollywood has its "Walk of Fame"; welcome to New York City's "Ride of Fame".

Congratulations to Henrik, he certainly deserves this honor, as we all know how much he loves New York. If I ever see his bus around the city, I will definitely take some pictures and post them.

UPDATE: The ribbon-cutting ceremony that Henrik will be taking place in before the bus ride will be held outside Madison Square Garden at 12 PM, so even if you didn't win a chance to ride the bus with him you can still go and watch the ceremony. If any readers out there are attending the bus ride , or just watching the ceremony and you have pictures, feel free to send them to me and I will post them here for you.


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