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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lundqvist Got Unexpected Support in Training


Kenny All Stars began the build up to the century game on Friday night.
Lagfotografering and one hour training session before more than 1,000 people.
Then beat Rangers goalkeeper Henrik Lundqvist special support in the form of Alan Lefkowitz, season ticket holders down at the glass behind the cage in Madison Square Garden.

One by one checked Kenny All Stars stars up in the dressing room at Lindab Arena. Memories alternated with uppsnack before the big game when the trunk were packed up.
For Peter Jackson, it was a comeback in the arena where he became historic as number one in the Elite League Table November 2008. For Henrik Lundqvist, it was a first visit to the "parent club" new abode.
After lagfotografering and portrait photography went running and training more than 1000 supporters gave the players a tribute worthy of a Champion.
Autograph hunters had traveled from Germany to follow the All Stars - Alan Lefkowitz doctor had flown all the way from New York (!) To comply with Henrik Lundqvist.

With exclusive season pass down at the glass at Madison Square Garden googled Alan this summer after news of his Swedish favorite players. Two clicks later, he was inside the and another couple so the trip was booked.
- I read about this match, Kenny and Frend, and I decided immediately to go to Sweden. I have not been in the country since the 1970s. Henrik Lundqvist is my favorite player and I bought the rink side tickets just behind the goal where he played in Madison Square Garden.
- This I did not want to miss. Getting the chance to see Henry play for his old club at home along with many other good players.
With large amounts of star quality luggage, it was Henrik Lundqvist autograph hunters flocked around after training ended.
Alan Lefkowitz took the opportunity to discuss the Rangers signings with their favorite players play on the ground in time for Lindab Arena.
- Rangers have to lift themselves in winter. Henry is fantastic, but they must reinforce the rest of the team. Right now we are not far from where the Yankees were in the 1970s, before George Steinbrenner let those who understand baseball manage the sport and become self-sufficient otherwise.

Henrik Lundqvist took place in the target closest to the restaurant at Lindab Arena and Alan took his standardpositon, just behind the glass.
- I already like this hall. It is dense jovial. It will be fun to see the game tomorrow when this is full, "says Alan.
Lundqvist himself noted that it retains the feeling of the venue Rögle he himself grew up with, and being given the changing rooms a big face lift.
From the training should be noted that players like Roger Elven and Kari Eloranta showed up a skating rivaling the 1990s, and Benny Johnson became the first man to put a puck in nättaket behind Henrik Lundqvist.
Add to this that Stefan "Femman" Nilsson and Håkan Persson looked like moving out of their positions back in the old days and we understand that the coach Bengt-Ake Gustafsson was satisfied with the operation.
- It is good! All the players seem pretty damn excited and even guys who were not active in a few years looks to be in really good shape. We look forward to the match.
Tomorrow prefer Angelholm Arnäs Super Bowl started at lunchtime on the task bar outside the stadium. At 14:00 the gates open and the charging for the big ceremony begins in earnest.

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