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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Henrik & His Tour Bus!

ShareThis Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Henrik Lundqvist tour bus ceremony today ; but Nick from The Rangers Tribune did and he was able to get some great pictures of Henrik which he posted through his Twitter account. Here they are:

The following photo is from NY Daily News Rangers beat writer Jesse Spector's Twitter account:

Photo from Jesse Spector's Blueshirts Blog:

I will have more photos and news as it comes in...


  1. Nice! He is the coolest guy ever!!! :)

  2. I agree, Mia!

    and the sharpest dresser! It's 96 degrees here in New York today and he still shows up dressed like that!

  3. Hey Henrik, consider a career change.....Modeling

    You will be pain free and all of your Female Fans Will Apriciated......Sure You will lose the chance to compete for the Stanley Cup....But you'll never feel back pain or any other physical pain. No more Cortisone!

    Your #1 Fan

  4. haha, hopefully Henrik will finally realize that he can do both! Look at David Beckham, Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, etc..