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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Henrik in the September Issue of Vogue Magazine


According to the official New York Rangers Twitter account, Henrik is in the September issue of Vogue Magazine. I'll have more info when it becomes available...

(I wonder why Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are in the same photo spread?)

UPDATE: This issue goes on sale August 20th


  1. Is that pic really from Vogue?? Wow! :-)

    Btw he was a guest this morning at the Swedish radio/TV-station where I gossip about celebrities. I'll publish the clip as soon as it becomes available! One of the producer's little son got to meet him.

  2. Amazingly,sadly - Yes.

    You can either advertise hockey or fashion but not both at once........

  3. Hey Bitter Blondin, you work for the radio station? That's awesome! Thank you for reading my blog, and thanks for the heads up on the radio interview. I'll post it here, too. I just wish I could understand it. Is there any way you could maybe give me a summary of what he said in the interview?

  4. @ Anoymous I would have preferred if Henrik appeared in Vogue in something other than his uniform, but at least he's in the magazine.

  5. Rose, Tottaly Agree with You.

    A nice shirt - skinny jeans from those Sweedish Stores he likes....

  6. No problem Rose, I'll try to translate the interview for you tonight! He was really sweet and down to earth. I used to work for the radio station, now I'm just on air once a week to talk about celebrity gossip :-)

  7. Thank you so much! I know he kept mentioning different neighborhoods in New York, I'm curious as to what he was saying about them. He's such a nice guy, and that's still an awesome job.

  8. @ Anonymous, we also know Henrik loves his suits and skinny ties. They could have had him in one of those. After I met him, and saw him in person I always said he looks and dresses like a model. If you didn't know he was a hockey player, you could definitely mistake him for a model.

  9. Bitter Blondin, can you send me the translation too? To this e - mail adress Thanks!

    Rose,Wow you met him in person. That's cool.
    I wonder what would be his reaction if you said to his face....LOL

    He could definatly think about Modeling career after hockey...He alwys looks like a rockstar.


  10. I'll post Bitter Blondin's translation on the blog so everyone can see it..