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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist or Jon Bon Jovi?


I came across this photo of Henrik and a fan in Sweden. He kinda reminds me of Jon Bon Jovi in this picture, anyone else seeing it?


  1. You do have a point there. A little less hair than Bon Jovi and (personal opinion only) hotter than Jon (tho I do love Jon too!). I love the messy hair!!

  2. I completely agree with you. I'm usually not a fan of the messy hair look, but in this picture I like it. I wonder if he was actually wearing it that way, or if the wind blew it that way? He looks like a rock star.

  3. Nice to See Something New....I've been away for 7 Days...(Vacation In Greece, Ha-ha :P)

    Nice Pics! Good Job.

    Busy Boy Henrik at his usual....Can't Wait For Hockey Season (And Winter 4 that matter) The Heat is Killin' me.

  4. Welcome back, vacation in Greece, that's awesome. As for the heat here, I agree with you 100 percent. We are getting closer to hockey season though-Henrik should be coming back to NYC later this month!

  5. LOL, YUP.

    With All of these heat waves pretty soon there will be no snow.....and come to think of it...Hockey...Yipes!

    Canada without Hockey....That's worse than cancelling Hockey Season.....

  6. Ok, that last part didn't make any sense....Unfortunatly my sense of humour (and spelling) aren't that good in the early hours of the day.....LOL