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Friday, August 20, 2010

Henrik on his Knee, New York, and the Upcoming Season

GOTHENBURG. A knee injury bothered Henrik Lundqvist, 28, during last year's season and prevented him from World Cup games.
Despite three months leave the pain has not yet been released.
- I took a syringe to cortisone in the knee a month ago, so now I hope that it will work, says Rangers star goalie

- You're miserable, so far, really unlucky, therefore, exclaims after Henrik Lundqvist NHL players' training in Frölundaborg.
He lifts the Frölunda hat and scratched his head.

Practiced in Frölundaborg

- And you are as surprised every year that is so bad. But, sadly, it is, "he says and laughs.
Along with ten other NHL players, he has over the past two weeks been training up in the body Frölundaborg. But it is thus some way from top form.

- For me personally, it is when I go over in a week that I start focusing on your training seriously. Now it's all about trying to get started and get a feeling, "said NHL star - who is hoping for a better season this year.

Missed playoffs

The past did not stop at all as he had hoped. New York Rangers missed the playoffs, and Henrik Lundqvist was forced to decline the World Cup games because of his knee injury. The pain has been in, but after the last steroid syringe, it feels pretty good, "he says.
- There have been some flaws, but it is to be hoped that it is now.
Although the knee has continued to interfere with, the "Henke" had a wonderful holiday. The first two months he spent in New York. Since then he has flange around a bit "but mostly been to Gothenburg.

Want to go over

- It's been a good summer, it just goes fast, "he said and was silent a few seconds.
- But now I'm tempted to go over again. It is good to be home, but I like it over there.
Henrik Lundqvist still calls home to Gothenburg, but says he is becoming more familiar in New York.
- I am very happy. I'm starting to build the social, there is much to be done so you can relax between matches, and it's easy for friends to come over and visit too, "he says.
As autumn begins Henrik Lundqvist his sixth season with the Rangers. So far the team has not gone beyond the second round of the playoffs during his time in the club. He makes no secret of the fact that he is in the NHL to win the titles. But he has never thought about changing club address to more easily reach them.

Do not top team
- The challenge is to try to be about winning in New York, it would be incredibly fun. I feel absolutely no craving to change clubs, "he says.
- Sure, it has been heavy in recent years and we have not gone so far in the playoffs. But we hope to be involved in the turns.
Last year, the Rangers fought to the end of the playoff spot. It will not get any difference in years, "says Henrik Lundqvist.
- I think we will lose some top teams. There will be war at the line just like last.


  1. Every New York Rangers fan Would Appriciate Henrik's Loyalty......

    However those same fans would agree that he gets very little support from his teamates during games. Henrik's not perfect....But He has little bad days on the ice than his teamates.

    I still remember when many fans were begging him to switch teams because he DESERVES To Win the Stanley Cup and he won't win it with NYR.

    We'll see How that Changes with the New Season and new Players Coming In....

    A lot "Star Players" i.e Voros and and a few others are not deserving of their salary...they have not worked hard enough to earn it.

    Can't wait to see Hank in NYC.

  2. Begging Over the Internet That is......

  3. As a diehard Rangers fan, I never want to see Henrik play for anyone else. I hope he stays a Ranger for life, and I really believe he will be. I believe he is sincere when he says he wants to win here, and obviously we know he loves living here. However, the team has been relying on him way too much the past few years, but that should change this year with the addition of Martin Biron. They finally have a legitimate backup for him, and I think we will see a more refreshed Henrik throughout the season.

    As for the rest of the team, Voros was NEVER a star player. Voros's contract was ridiculous from the start. He was one of the many free agents Glen Sather overpaid, but he's finally gone and they added players with more offensive ability like Alexander Frolov and Mats Zuccarello Aasen.

  4. I don't want Henrik to leave either.......the fans wanted him to win the SC as much as he does.So...Everyone's go their opinion.

    LOL, yeah when I said "Star Player" I was Mocking him.....That's why it was in quotations.I think He's a waste of space and money...along with Avery(Though his psycho personality seems to only fit in NYC)

    I think We can get better players instead of those guys.

    There a lot of talk about this Martin Biron....I'm begining to get curious about this backup....But HL Obviously will always be #1.