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Monday, February 22, 2010

Some Insights and Advice from Henrik


Insights and Advice

I do high intensity sprints on skates as well as quick hits of cycling with 5 to 10 seconds between each interval.
Strength Training
I hold a set of free weights and run through a sequence of ten to fifteen lunges, squats, and one-legged squats with no rest in between.
Medicine Ball toss: I practice moving through the 3 main goalie stances (standing at the net, butterfly position, and a kick save), and I catch a medicine ball hurled at me just out of my reach, forcing me to rotate to have to catch the ball. Then I stabilize myself and toss it back.
Cable Pulls: I get into a kick-save stance four to six feet to the side of a Cybex machine, holding the weighted cables straight out in front of me. I stabilize myself while rotating from an upright position to fully bent over my outstretched leg, which works my lats and abs.
Side-to-side hurdles: I jump over a six-, twelve-, or eighteen-inch plastic hurdle laterally. Next, I'll stand in front of a two-foot-high box and spring onto the top with both feet, then step down, repeating this eight times. This improves my ability to make lightning-fast movements from a standing start.

Mental Focus
Not thinking about hockey helps me focus when I return to the ice. Before games, I plug in my iPod for a motivating power-punk block of Sum 41 or Blink 182. After the games, when I try to relax, it’s more Swedish rock, softer music, and I go out and do fun stuff. I play guitar, but it doesn’t matter really what it is—just do something that keeps you away from hockey.

I advise to try and get nine to ten hours minimum

A typical breakfast for me is oatmeal and a bagel; lunch is pasta with meat sauce. It’s also a game-day tradition to gather for an all-you-can eat buffet of pasta, rice, potatoes, fish, and meat. Hydration is essential.

(I have noticed during post-game interviews that Henrik tends to drink Gatorade Rain No Excuses Berry during games and after games. Hence, the purple colored liquid always on his jerseys. He also drinks Red Bull after games.)

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  1. What a yummy photo! Where'd you find the one of him in the gray t-shirt? I tried to see what he was drinking out of the bottles on the goalie net, but it just looked clear to me.

  2. I found it on Facebook, it used to be on the Rangers website a few years ago. I've seen this bottle of Gatorade behind him during numerous interviews along with the Red Bull. Also, I met him a few time after games and he was holding Red Bull in his hands.

  3. If you look closely at his white Rangers jersey during games, you will see a purple/pinkish liquid all over it.

  4. You started another Henrik Lundqvist blog?

  5. You met him? So lucky!! Is he nice, tall, hotter in person?

    I just have a fascination with the guy. Wanted to share the Henrik love.

  6. I was able to meet him four times (got autographs and pics) but I've been around him eight times. He is really nice, and hot, and slim in person. He's only about 6' or 6'1 so he's not super tall. I think he is the most beautiful person I have ever come in contact with in my life though lol. He can be a model. He certainly dresses like one.
    I actually have a funny story about the first time I met him.