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Monday, February 22, 2010

Lundqvist: Unbelievably great in their own zone

Two matches - two zeros. Three Kronors Henrik Lundqvist continues to play on top of the Olympic tournament.
"We played so amazingly well. There is a calmness in the team and we played incredibly well in its own zone, "said Lundqvist told SVT Sport.
Lundqvist a night of a couple of spectacular saves. Among other things, he nodded off the puck on two occasions.
"I do not like having the glove in front of your face, then nods, I prefer to remove the puck," explains Lundqvist their nods.
The Swedish goalkeeper has not released a single puck past on the two opening matches, but he did not think he had to play on top to keep the two straight zeroes.
"I must be stable, then we win. I do not need to do something extra, "said Lundqvist.
He chose to keep the game puck after the victory of the match against Finland.
-It is here in safe custody, "said Lundqvist, and shows off the glove.

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  1. I busted out laughing at the second head butt of the puck. Henrik is awesome.