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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Henkes three best-New York tips


Best sightseeing: Want to see Manhattan from the top, but avoid the long queues at the Empire State Building? Go to the top of Rockefeller Center. Great view and a much smaller queue!

Best meal: At Houston (I hope they are still called so, they may have been renamed) at 27th Street and Park Avenue served the world's best Barbecue pork ribs. Incredibly good!

Best Club 1 Oak is always a safe bet.

Henrik Lundqvist, 27, has put New York on his feet.
Southland have met the Swedish ice hockey goalie who dresses like the superstar he is.
Swedish hockey and fashion sensibility is hardly two expressions we associate with each other.
Certainly, the Börje Salming managed to create himself a decent name in the underwear industry, but over the years, it is well, rather big trend scurrilous as the legendary
hockeyfrillan, monstrous playoff beard "Foppatofflan" which in one way or another can be traced back to the hockey rink.
We can therefore conclude that good Henrik Lundqvist is a man who goes his own way.
Far from hockeyfrillan
The Swedish super goalkeeper moved in 2005 to U.S. and New York to play in the NHL team New York Rangers and quickly became one of the most popular players among the discerning audience in Madison Square Garden. Fans call him "King Henry", he ranked as one of the league's absolute best burväktare and thanks to him, the Manhattan hockey crowd again began to dream of a Stanley Cup title - the first since 1994.
Rangers face
But it's not just on the ice as Henrik Lundqvist made success in New York. Besides, he has become one of the Rangers big face and a note of that. New York Post's lifestyle magazine has named him "the sexiest man on the ice," he appear in major television shows and he was seen constantly mingle on the red carpet
among New York's other super celebrities.
And he is always spotless clothes, something as groundbreaking as a hockey star with a cruel fashion eye.
Southland took a snack with Henrik Lundqvist on what it takes to become the world's sexiest Ismannen.

How do you dress up in winter?
- Since we are using a suit very much in team electoral events it becomes dark suits and coats a bit different. Fairly well-dressed, in other words, I like it better that way.

How would you describe your style?
- Well-dressed with a little attitude!

You have been chosen as Sweden's best-dressed man, put the pressure on you?
- No, I do not think. But it's pretty nice to live in New York - this feels like all the styles right, I like that!

Where you shop in New York?
- I like Soho. Otherwise, the department store Saks Fifth Avenue.

Do you have a style model?
- Well, it could well be James Bond, maybe ... haha.

What is your favorite clothes in the closet?
- A tuxedo jacket from D & G - it fits like a glove.

What was your last purchase?
- Two Armani ties.

What is your best and worst buy ever?
- The best thing is clear: a coat from Dolce & Gabbana. As far as bad buy, there are unfortunately a lot of choice ...

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