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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Henrik's Shut out Reward

VANCOUVER. When he keeps zero home in New York he was rewarded with a tasty cake.
But in the Olympics may Henrik Lundqvist manage without goodies.
- Yes, here, we have no goalie coach, says "The King" with a wide smile after another hundred percent effort in the Olympics end.
There currently goalkeeper coach of the New York Rangers, the acclaimed Benioit Allaire, who introduced the little tradition in Madison Square Garden.
When his Swedish star shuts his bag completely, then get him a cake after the final whistle.
Adaptation to the Three Crowns
Now, he has zero two Olympic matches in a row (120 minutes!) And should be entitled sötsugen.
But the Three Crowns offers not a few goodies.
- No, I can do without. We have no goalie coach here, "he says and laughs.
The latter is obviously a facetious little nod to the fact that the team management, to general surprise, save on a great goalkeeper coach service.
Celebrates the slopes
"King Henry" - which he called home in Manhattan - can be to enjoy success in Vancouver without sugar supplementation.
- Yes, this is fun. It felt a bit tough at the beginning of the match today, when we took the expulsions against a team that really has been good in the powerplay, "he says.
- But our game in the numerical disadvantage was really great today. It is a pleasure to play with these hills.
Lundqvist will return all the time to play the hills he had in front of the Three Crowns.
- They are so calm, make the zone very well. And these cover shots all the time. The Finns did not put many shots and did not create many chances. Then it is not so difficult, according to the date hundraprocentige keeper.


  1. He probably needs to eat healthy during the season, so a cake is a nice reward for him.

    Where did you find that picture of his crashed Lambo?

  2. It was on some guy's web album that wasn't searchable by the search engines. You had to use the sites search program. Some web album website that wasn't picasa, but I cannot remember the name.

    The guy was nearly right behind Henrik when he crashed and took the pic with his cellphone.