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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist's best New York-tips


Recently appointed to the sports world's third best-dressed man - and New York right now most famous Swedish.
Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist has understood its own favvisar in Manhattan. Here you can get a glimpse of the star:

Clothing: Operations in Soho.
- They do not have so much stuff and not have as much range, but what is is cool. I think I bought three or four coats from there.
20 Mercer St. (Soho) 50 Ninth Avenue (Meatpacking)

Apparel: Lounge Saks.
Uberhip shop in Soho with brands such as Puma and Kangol. Lounge is often the first new design from Europe. Downstairs is a real skohimmel.
593 Broadway (between Houston and Prince) / 611 Fifth Avenue (at 48th Street)

Restaurants: Houston's restaurant.
Kedjerestaurang fleet of Park Avenue. This goes for Henke revbenspjällens sake.
- It serves the world's best Barbecue pork ribs.
378 Park Avenue South

Bar: The Rose Bar.
Luxury boat for exclusive Gramercy Park, with a stilmix of French and Asian. The guests are celebrities who want to keep a low profile, people who own multi-million dollar apartments and businessmen. Frequented by Henke in the company of the other Rangers-stars.
- We go there when we want a nice evening and just sit and talk.
2 Lexington Avenue (at 21st Street)

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