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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Henrik and Joel Lundqvist Swedish Glamour Magazine Interview (2009)


Elin Kling meet twins Lundqvist

It is Henry who is the famous, but both twins Lundqvist are stars in the NHL. GLAMOR lunchdejtare Elin Kling met Henrik and Joel, and talked about gaystämplar, hockey wives and obese professional salaries.

Published: 2009-12-09
Each issue of GLAMOR lunch on fashion and beauty blogger profile Elin Kling with a celebrity. Do not miss!

Elin Kling lunch dating for the day is Henrik and Joel Lundqvist, hockey twins who both went through Frölunda to the NHL. Henry is still there and play for the New York Rangers while Joel left the Dallas Stars and returned home to assume the role of captain in Frölunda. The brothers have just plåtats Brothers for new Christmas campaign.

Elin: Hi! Is it cool if we go in time before the order? We have only one hour for us and this is yielding 25 000 questions ...
Henry: Haha, absolutely!

Okay. How did the plate, no? You are such top models!
H: Haha! Yes, it was fun!

Were you satisfied with the styling?
H: Yes, absolutely! It was a great team, and even if you have plåtats for many other magazines before so it was nice to do something together, it's the first time.

What is your inner fashion spirit else?
H: It has grown well over the years. But we two have quite different styles. I'm more dressar while Joel is more casual and sporty. I do not like T-shirt, I've always shirt. Sometimes my friends wonder if I'm going away on something, though I really only be träna.

Henrik, you've been chosen as Sweden's best-dressed man, and even the world's best-dressed man! What happened there? Nah, I am just kidding - but what fun!
H: It was King's newspaper readers, and I have much to thank the King, who always makes fair and thoroughly accommodating pictures that I feel comfortable with. It's probably a lot about how to be made in the media.

Who would you like to change the closet with?
Joel: Beckham, he varies between dressar good look and the sporty.
H: A few years ago I tested a lot, I did not know what I liked. But now the last few years I drive very Dresser and classic. I like the course to be dressed up.

But the current mood then, Joel. When I lived in Mariestad I was dating a hockey guy who was kind like a teddy bear, but as soon as he was on the ice, he was crazy forest and smashed everything he saw. Is it something you recognize? Nah?
J: I'm more calm and non-aggressive on the ice, although I have learned to curb it a bit there.

But it is not too nice to mess a bit on the ice? Get some aggression?
H: Haha, yes. But it can not be pissed off on the ice. We must be focused. But of course, if there is no one messes with that press like him a little extra. But you can not go around and chase people and be tokförbannad, then you lose it a bit.

Another thing, I also came up yesterday during my little google trip is that you, Henry, serves 6 875 000 dollars per year. It's totally bananas! Is it true?
H: Yes, it has really gone in steps, but they have become accustomed to having money.
But what do you do with all that money?
H: apartments, cars and the rest in the bank. Then I try to live good. You should have fun and feel good.
J: Yes, you only live once.

Two years ago, I and my friend Linn that we would be the opportunity to indulge in lunch at Signatures, each Wednesday. Today is my life and I do miss those special occasions. What is luxury for you, you can of course buy anything?
H: When I went in and bought my car, just pointed to it, I have, it was luxury for me.
J: But also smågrejer. As always submit to the dry cleaner, it's a luxury for me.

Should I be envious of your wives? Is the shopaholics?
J: Oh, many have the impression that it would be so glamorous to be hockeyfru, but it's not. They are alone, we travel all very. Okay, maybe you can go shopping, but how fun is it in the long run?
H: It's great fun!
J: Yeah, but you have to have any vested interest. My wife did not even work in the United States.

What do your girl a typical day in New York, Henry? She must after all be a little better than, for example, Oksana which may hang in Saudi Arabia ...
H: It must be really tough! There is so much to do in New York, it helps tremendously. Otherwise, she has recently had meetings with the interior designer for our apartment. Since she is often Guide, she has a lot friends who come to see.

What is required to be a good hockeyfru? I with my 55 000 projects had perhaps been too restless to take on that role?
J: Are you used to have stuff around him, it feels not enough as there is so much to do. You can go and train, get in the house and take care of the family.
I would probably start a hunddagis ...
H: Haha, yes it was probably works!


  1. They are so incredibly good looking. We are so lucky that they're identical twins! Can you get pics of their photoshoot?

  2. This was the only picture I could find. Maybe someone out there from Sweden could help us out.