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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Henrik and Joel Lundqvist Swedish Interview (2009)

Our favorite hockey brethren on the country model, fashion interest, New York, twin differences and who really is the best at flirting.
The article is written by Helen Skoog.

Henrik and Joel Lundqvist is not perhaps the world's nicest hockey brethren, they named the twins are doing now debut as models - the Brothers last campaign. And with a brother in New York and the other on Swedish soil we took the chance to talk with Lundqvist Fonts when, for once, was in the same place.

What was it like to model?
Joel: - It was really fun!
Henry: - It is the first time we do something great together. I've done quite a few metal connections in recent years for various magazines. It is a bit different when it's a campaign, you look at the details of the images and it takes a little longer, but it was great fun.

What is your dress style private?
Joel: - In the very matches, and dinners, which likes to dress up both with the suit, but Henry is a link to more everyday. I'm a bit more casual, more sporty.
Henry: - If I look at my dress so I think I have matured. There are more classic now, more stylish. When I was young it was more sweeping.
Joel - "I've been running the balanced way all the time.
Henry: - But as people we're ... I'm a bit more forward, it happens more. Joel has always been ...
Joel: - A little safer, a bit safer.
(Both laugh).
Henry: - Let's try to be serious here.
Joel - "I was serious!

Who is most interested in fashion then?
Joel: - You have been more in focus, with fashion magazines and the entire piece. So you are more aware of what you wear. Since I also like to dress me up and have nice clothes, but you run the more link to daily life. This gives people the impression that you exert yourself more.
Henry: - When I'm going to go to a workout, they can expect me to somewhere else, because I will always be in the shirt. Even if the clock is nine in the morning. But I feel so.

What do you part as individuals?
Henry: - What we are doing've shaped us. I'm the goalie, I go my own way all the time. I am perhaps more selfish, too. You are more a team player.
Joel - I'm more attentive, haha.
Henry: - And better at keeping time. I'm bad at it. I'm probably more preoccupied, too.
What do you do together when they see you?
Henry: - When both were in the U.S. we used to be the day before the game and eat dinner. In the summer we are out at sea or ... Now, he's got family, so he has had other priorities. I can call and ask if we are going to play tennis or play music or do anything, but it is quite difficult.
Joel: - One should respect one day in advance, so that I can plan.
Henry: - One day! Sometimes you get book almost a week in advance. No, but we have different lives now. So it is. And different priority bits.
You are now decreed, but who was best at flirting girls when you were younger?
Joel - So Henry may like to believe that he was the best. I hit the timid style, in the background.
Henry: - When we were little, I think that many girls felt we were sweet, we had fun the hockey guys. When we were between 1o and 14, then it was much hockey. Then began the interest in girls to come. Then of course I would think I was more forward than you were, but perhaps I was not?
Do you have the same taste in the case of women?
Joel - "I met my wife when I was 18 years. I knew early what I wanted in a woman. A sports girl, active, cheerful and open, but humble. And I found her.
Henry: - I watch a lot of charisma, there must be a smart girl, tolig. We have to have fun together, it is incredibly important.
You have many fans. What is it konstigste someone has done?
Joel: - There was someone in Dallas who had baked muffins ... We were three Swedes on the team and she said: "Oh, you are so goa. Here you muffins. When we came around a corner went in the trash. Maybe it was the pills in them or something. No, but there are always fans who really go for it, but we should respect it. it is what we live by.
Henry, you who live in New York, are you recognized on the town?
Henry: - Sometimes, especially of those living and working in New York, following Rangers. Since it is so much tourists in town. It's nice when you live with the craziness around Madison Square Garden, with appearances by the very fans and the media, and so takes a taxi, two streets away and they do not even know that there has been a match. On balance, I like that one can relax completely and live a fairly normal life.

Normal life? I've heard about your luxury roof terrace ...
Henry: - Is it not all live? Haha. No, but when I say normal, it's because I can relax. When I am in Sweden I feel observed in a different way.
Tell us about your apartment!
Henry: - Now it's like a knockout, we wanted to do on and clean out everything. it will be good. We have a beautiful terrace, which we do in order. It feels nice to be able to go out and get ... Fresh air, I'd say, but it's pretty high up, so that's pretty fresh air. It's a special noise in New York, but I like it. When I get home it is so quiet that I hear myself think. When everything is ready, the terrace will be a favorite spot, for sure.

You travel a lot, practicing and playing matches. How to keep a relationship alive with the life?
Joel: - During the season it becomes stressful. When you are living different lives. Many think it's glamorous to be spelarfru, but when you are together with an elite athlete, it is mycekt boxing training and travel. The case that they are strong mentally. Many believe that it is just to go shopping all the time, but so much fun, it is not in the long run. You have to find something of interest.
Henry: - The important thing is to have quality time together. One can be seen every day and it's just like that, but you have quality time when they see you, then it's no problem.

What do you do?
Henry: - Try to turn off the cell phone! Well, I have better myself. Then we order food home. When you travel as much as we do, this is the best you can do sometimes to just stay home and relax. Check out a movie or go to the movies. that we usually do ...

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