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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Injury interferes Henrik Lundqvist (

VANCOUVER. Henrik Lundqvist is disturbed by a groin injury and rested entirely from Belarus Match.
- It has not felt one hundred since the beginning of the season, "said Lundqvist to

Since early last fall have Henrik Lundqvist suffered a groin injury.
Yet New York Rangers star goalie played 54 NHL games. Only three NHL goalies have played more matches.
Olympic goalies Martin Brodeur (Canada), Jonathan Quick (USA) and Miikka Kiprusoff (Finland).

Back to Finland
Henrik Lundqvist was free to Belarus and was a guest rather than SVT's studio during the match. Jonas Gustavsson played and Stefan Liv sat on the bench.
In Finland, Lundqvist back in goal.
Although no body felt one hundred percent fresh in the NHL, he has everything under control.
- It will not do now. But it feels okay, it does, "said Lundqvist.


  1. Do you have any links to SVT website? I wonder if they have any photos of him in the press box analyzing the game for them.

  2. I found the video, but unfortunately it is only viewable within Sweden.

  3. Simon Gagne? the one on the bench was Stefan Liv.

  4. You're right, Expressen made an error. Thanks for catching it. I'll edit it.

  5. I got the SVT video to play, you have to view the source code of the page, search for wmv and then play that link of the wmv file. Then it will play outside Sweden. He's in sweats and tennis shoes. Shocking! The guy is never not in a suit it seems.

  6. Unfortunately I can't view wmv files, I have a Mac. That is shocking, he says he hates t-shirts and only wears sweats at home. It is rare to see him without a collared shirt. He loves suits and dressing up.

  7. How did you make the screen caps from the video?