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Friday, November 16, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Feels "Lost and Weird Mentally"; Might Have Statue of Himself Built in Gothenburg; Will Return to NY For Green Card Purposes


"I feel lost and weird mentally"

Many Frölunda Fans want to see him as a statue in the town center. Everybody wants to see him on the ice as soon as possible.
But Gothenburg hottest athlete stuck in the stands.
- I feel lost. For the first time since I was seven, I do not play hockey in november, says Henrik Lundqvist.

Henrik Lundqvist has been to Gothenburg for about a month.
And although he has not been around to play a game, he is the hottest of all. It was proven when the TV camera zoomed in to him in the stands during the game against Frölunda Farjestad on Tuesday.
Scandinavium exploded into a howl of delight and super goalie himself stood up and played cheerleader.

- There must be bid on, he says. It's fun to feel the support and the warmth of the crowd at Scandinavium. And I can help to raise the atmosphere is just fun.

Another sign of supporters estimate the current vote on the Frölunda Players to be proposed to stand statue, probably outside the Scandinavium.
"Henke" had until yesterday evening received 44 percent of the votes. Just over three times more than the runner-Sura Pelle Pettersson.
- It's great that people think so, says goalkeeper. I think it is a fun initiative of Frölunda.
Have you thought about how it would be to walk past a statue of yourself in a few years?
- Haha. No, I have not. But it is not certain that it will be so. It remains several weeks of voting and then it's not certain that there will be any hockey statue.

There is an ongoing debate on various online forums about a player who is still active, or just put the can really stand statue. That it would be logical to choose an old legend.

Which player would you vote a on?
- I have not seen Sura-Pete Lira. But Niklas Andersson example, he did a lot of good things for Frölunda for many years. Or a urgöteborgare as Patrik Carnbäck.

Henrik Lundqvist likes to be in Gothenburg, while he is extremely frustrated with the NHL lockout.
- As I sit in the stands at Scandinavium, I get very hungry, not just to jump in and play with Frölunda but to play hockey at all, he says with dedication in his voice.
- I do not feel the adrenaline pumping, to be in the middle of a match.
But you play well some tennis, do not out adrenaline then?
- Some tennis gets it, but it's different. Not at all like playing hockey.

What has given you to be home in Gothenburg a month?
- It is extremely fun to meet friends and family. I have realized how important it is, says Henry, who has brought with him wife and daughter on picnic at Magnus Kahnberg and his family when SPORT-Expressen called.

- While it is very strange mentally to not have his usual life. I have since I was seven years playing hockey and had my routines. For the first time I do not play hockey in november.
- The social situation is complex, the situation is complicated.
Hockey had a meeting on Tuesday without addressing the issue of NHL players' to be or not to be in the premier league.
How will it be?
- It has not happened. We are in Gothenburg. And any game with Frölunda is going on right now. We'll see if it opens up over there or here at home.

Your new Frölunda mask is complete.
- I decided early on that I had to have the stuff if it gets games. The mask I had on me in a week, for example, when I trained with Frölunda last week.

You criticized last week Hockey League to stop the NHL players in the elite series. Is it Hockey League decision or your / Frölunda that you do not play?
- It allows you to interpret as you wish. I have spoken to me before ...

Must back to the U.S.
In addition there are fiscal problems if Lundqvist is here more than 183 days and that the spouses Lundqvist, right in the middle of the trial period in order to obtain a green card (permanent residence) in the United States.
- Therefore, we must return to the U.S. in the future. Then we apply to leave the country again.
When do you have?
- I do not know. We have not booked any flights.

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  1. Great article. It sucks not having hockey. New York Rangers n my family are pretty much the only things that bring me joy. I have Multiple Sclerosis and barely leave my house other than to go to see NYR n family. I played hockey for about 16 years but now I'm stuck watching-but now its not being played. Upside is that when I see Henrik Lundqvist it makes me smile.