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Monday, October 11, 2010

Post-Game Reaction ; Lundqvist Makes 26 Saves in Defeat


From the Rangers Report:

Henrik Lundqvist:

“It’s a tough one. I think we played really well as a team the whole game. We had a couple of tough bounces along the way. I felt like they didn’t really have to work that hard to get their goals. But overall, as a team, I think we played a great game and we definitely played well enough to win this game. But, it’s a tough one to get down to 5-on-3 late in the game. It’s a big disappointment.”

On late-second period goal:

“I think I challenged the shot and it hit the boards, hit our D and came out pretty fast. I tried to move from the post, and I don’t know if it hit our D or something, but it bounced straight up. But I don’t think it had an impact. We came out in the third and played really well and took the lead. Going down two men there at the end, that was a tough one.”

On the down-low goals:

“If you look at the first two goals, it was just some bad bounces from our side. That happens. I don’t think they really worked hard to get those two. But they’re a pretty skilled team. On the power play they did a pretty good job getting in front of the net. That’s about it.”


  1. I agree with him on most of that, it was a really frustrating game to watch. Those two penalties were what did it. First and only nhl game I was able to watch live didn't turn out the way I wanted. Great hockey though.

  2. Anna... it was terrible hockey. What made it seem competitive was that our Rangers played sloppy, making mistake after mistake. Clearly, it was those two penalties - however, Callahan had me pulling my hair out. Oh, and Hank? Yeah, he played okay.

    To lose is a terrible thing, to lose to the Isles is worse. To give Rick DiPietro his first NHL win in nearly a year is despicable.

  3. was the Del Zotto or Redden out there?

  4. The press, I think by times it really was a good game, even though it was very frustrating. Funny that you tell me I'm 'wrong' while the commentators of the game and anyone interviewed afterwards (including Hank) agree that teamwise it was a good game, although yes they let it slip and the outcome didn't feel 100% fair.

    And personally, I never include the fact who they play against in my judgement. Just the fact how both teams played. I've never been a fan of just hating other teams and players for the simple fact that they are the islanders or devils, for example. The fact that Dipietro hasn't won any games is because he couldn't play because of an injury, not because he's a bad goalie. Good for him that he's back and I truly hope he'll have a good season and can leave the injuries behind him, even though I'd like to see him loose against the rangers. I'm not going to hate the guy simply because he's on a rival team.

    Callahan did worry me too, I have to say.

  5. Anna... if you knew the first thing about theory, you wouldn't be saying what you're saying; it was a defensive clusterf#*k.

    And personally, this is Henrik's blog, a Rangers blog. If you wanna dribble about DP (double-penetration) go find a blog hosted by some local-yokel, townie, small-time Islanders fan.

  6. Oh come on, so a person who doesn't disrespect DiPietro can't be a rangers fan? I love a good rivalry between teams, and trust me I laugh ten times as hard when Avery messes with Brodeur for example, but I'm not gonna disrespect the players on the other teams just for the simple fact that they play there. All I said was that Dipietro not winning games was about injury and not about him being a bad goalie. Do you have any serious arguments against that except for the ridiculous 'he sucks because he's an islander'? I'm sorry, I just think that's not true even though I wish it was sometimes.

    If the owner of this blog forbids me to say anything that could be seen as positive about an islander or devil, then sure, I'll stop visiting. But otherwise I'll just keep enjoying this blog, thank you very much.

  7. Anna... the fact that ole ricky has been injured for sometime now is not lost on me. That aside, he's put together one decent season, he's okay at best -- not comparable to any of the afore mentioned goaltenders.

    I'm all about the rivalry, but what your talking borders on weakness. To answer your question: Sure, you're a Rangers fan (a shell of what should sound like). I bet you think the league was too hard on Wisniewski, am I right?

    I wasn't telling you to get lost. What I was saying was that since you seem so high on the Isles goaltender you should find a blog bearing his name. There, you could drivel on and on about what a great goalie he is and how much respect he deserves and how this is his year.