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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Commercial?


Can anyone from Sweden translate this video? Is it a commercial?

Check out this link for a Henrik Lundqvist game:

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  1. henrik :
    everytime i step on the ice, the only thing I focus on is a shutout.

    (1:04) Nice work.
    Girl asks; how did you manage that?
    Guy comes in, "I've taught him"
    Henrik: You taught the players well.
    Guy: You are doing alright at the moment, maybe we could find a spot for you in our roster.
    Henrik: thank you.. and seriously i think you are a real saviour (wordplay) make sure no underage play "vegas", since there is actually a law regarding minimum age of 18..that's the same in hockey, without team work and rules, nothing will work.
    Guy: it's a mutual responibility, no one should play if younger than 18. glad that Svenska spel (swedish gambling monopoly) got you into this challenge..
    Henrik:i think we are all a team for the youth community and svenska spel gives hundreds of million of the gamblin surplus to adolescent atheletes throughout sweden every year..which also help me and my brother when we were growing up.

    puhh, long commercial.. it all about responsible gambling.. campaign against underage gambling..