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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet Henrik Lundqvist Video

Meet Henrik Lundqvist

Die Hard NYR FAN! | Myspace Music Videos

I just came across this old video that features Henrik from his rookie season. I actually remember seeing this video and the others of other Rangers on Garden Vision that year. Back in the Bobby Granger days. They should bring him back, his commercials were funny. I actually saw him at the Garden last season. Anyway, I would love to get the videos of Henrik that they play between periods that actually feature him talking about his favorite movies, tv shows, etc. If anyone finds them out there let me know.


  1. Hahahaha- Biggest Export Since ABBA,LOL


    I found this : , But I don't think that's it.

  2. @ Anon- yeah, unfortunately it's not that one

    Are you the same anon commenting on the other Lundqvist blog? If so, here is the truth about that psycho, obese hick from South Dakota- she wrote all of this:

    "It hit me a few weeks ago that I had spent an entire decade obese. 10 years! I gave up the best years of my life hiding at home.

    I decided that was it. No more life passing me by. No more. No one has seen me naked in 7 years. And how embarrassing that the last time the guy said he just couldn't go on because all he could see was a roll of fat?

    My motivation is very shallow, but as long as it's motivating me I don't care, and it's to look good for myself and to get guys to give me a second look and WISH I'd go out with them. I want to be attractive to the opposite sex!

    I don't exercise at all and haven't for months and have gained weight over the summer back to my 265 pounds the highest I've been. I've got a horrible double chin, huge apple shape and actually I look more pregnant now than I ever did when actually pregnant!

    One of the most embarrassing aspects of PCOS, besides the beluga whale belly, is the facial hair growth. How do you handle it? I'm thinking of waxing it off. I'm sick of the excess beard!"

    This pathetic human being is stalking me. She blocked my IP address from her blog, yet she's so obsessed with me she took my private Facebook photo and put it on her blog. Wtf? She makes no sense at all.

  3. Different anyonymous person...October 19, 2010 at 4:13 PM

    Wow, I wanted to comment on the cute little video, but was surprised by that awful display. Meaning your comments, Rose. Psycho or not, whether she's doing ill-advised things by putting your Facebook picture on display or not, what on earth does that have to do with what she's written about herself and her health problems? Do you kick puppies when you're not calling people pathetic and hicks?

    Frankly, you both sound a little nuts.

  4. I am just trying to expose the truth. Why on earth would she find my private Facebook photo, which I am in (and you need my last name to find) and and put it on her blog? She is nuts. I e-mailed her privately twice and she chose to ignore me, I didn't want to include her on my blog but she gave me no choice. All I want is for her to take it down.

  5. Different anyonymous person...October 19, 2010 at 4:35 PM

    And it makes sense that you want her to take a photo down; what she did doesn't seem right. I don't know the history, so I don't know why someone would do that.

    However, exposing the "truth" has nothing to do with your making derogatory comments about someone's health issues or their home state. It makes you seem as petty and nuts as them. You do have a choice; be the better person.

  6. @Rose - Yes I am. I had no idea you read that. But its ok. LOL

    I feel for you, really. She says one thing and then turns around and says something else. You don't have to quote that blog or whatever it is because people who read the blog and her comments already have a pretty good idea of who she is.

    She claims not be stalker-ish(If you can call it that), an yet has a Blog Titled "Stalkers Guide to Henrik Lundqvist" -I mean really,like who are you fooling???!

    And I did read that little blurb she wrote about you, and honestly I was shocked. I had the urge to fire @ her for writing that, but held back. I don't believe any of her BS.

  7. @Different anyonymous person

    You know what you MAY be Right However, If she wrote that about me, then I would do something about it.

    I wouldn't keep my mouth shut about it. Put Yourself in her shoes before making suggestions.

  8. Thanks, Kat. I was shocked too. It is a scary situation since I don't know how she found out my name or what possessed her to put my picture out there. I think maybe she is so jealous that I met Henrik? It makes absolutely no sense to me. Plus, I asked her privately to remove it twice and she just ignored me and blocked me. She won't be reasonable about it.

    I agree she stalks him and basically only likes him for his looks. I confronted her awhile ago after she wrote that entry and maybe that's why she's doing this to me? I would never post his address or any information like that on the internet. I have respect for his privacy, which we see is something she doesn't have for anyone. Just giving her a taste of her own medicine.

  9. And she called me crazy, Hahaha - Ok then.

    Just because I burst her buble. Geez. I bet she is reading this too. Who knows what that psycho will post next. 1 thing is certain I'm not making comments.

    There is no point explaining something to a "crazy person"

  10. I'm beginning to see that. Do you know she didn't even know who Henrik was before she found my blog and then just decided to make her own afterwards?

    Rose said...
    You started another Henrik Lundqvist blog?

    FEBRUARY 22, 2010 7:58 PM
    henrik lundqvist hockey god said...
    You met him? So lucky!! Is he nice, tall, hotter in person?

    I just have a fascination with the guy. Wanted to share the Henrik love.

  11. @Rose - Wow Thats Funny.........

    I wish someone would shut her blog down.....It's stupid and full of creepy posts of HL.

    Btw Maybe we should talk about it through e-mail. Just to be safe. ??????

  12. you can e-mail me at