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Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Henrik Lundqvist Baby Picture?


Well, not really but it's still a very young Henrik Lundqvist. This picture also appeared in that Swedish book about Henrik. I don't know how old he and Joel are in this, but certainly older than they were in the picture of them playing hockey in kindergarden. To be honest, I don't know if Henrik is on the drums or the guitar here but we do know he plays the guitar for real so maybe that is him with the guitar.

Bonus picture:

Henrik's draft day photo back in 2000


  1. Joel plays the guitar too I think, so impossible to tell who is who without asking them. He looks so much more like Joel on that last picture than he does now. Saw an interview with Joel on tv last night and it seems like they both kind of looked like Henrik does on that pic during that time, and now Henrik went another way with his looks while Joel still basically looks like that, although older. If you get what I mean with this ramble, haha.

  2. Thats definatley Henrik with the guitar.....they are kids in this pic( I'd say about 4 or 5 years old) I rember someone confirming it was Henke in the front there.

    Its a very cute picture of them.

    About the looks Henrik always stood out. Joel was kinda the shy kid. He had his moments too.....Henrik always got more Attention.

    Also, how i know its Henrik on the guitar - Notice that slight comb over.....Yea He Still has that now but with more hair.

    Another point - Henrik likes to dress "sharply" as they themselves have described. Again Joel is more laid back in that way.

  3. @ Anna, I actually get what you mean exactly haha. He does look like a young, long haired Joel in that pic.

    @ Krystyna, I figured that was probably him with the guitar. It is a cute picture. Did you know them? or do you know where I can find some more old photos?

  4. @Rose - Lol If I knew them. Then I would have been Henriks gf.Lol

    I like most fans I do a Lot of research on those two. Going through all the american and Sweedish papers to find some thing.

    I have some older photos....I don't if you already have them or posted them here already. Maybe I can e-mail you some so you can see for yourself.??

    They are hockey photos though - Not personal photos.

  5. Sure, you can e-mail me at