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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interview After 2006 Olympic Gold Medal Win


I just found this interview with Henrik on a bus after the gold medal win in 06. Can a Swedish reader out there please, please translate his part, especially when a teammate gives him a tube of Colgate toothpaste? What's up with that? lol


  1. I think he did that as a joke, just to embarrass him a little. To tease Henke.

    I don't know what they asked him........But he kept saying "Thank you" every time the guy handed him the tooth paste and the other stuff.


    I looved that part, So funny.

    Anyway - Jag är trött.

  2. He got asked about the save during the last minute of the final game, but before he managed to answer he got handed the tooth paste and started laughing, saying 'what happens here? Ah, tooth paste, thanks'. Then when he wanted to get back to answering the question he got handed the deodorant, started laughing again and said 'ah deodorant, thanks. Yeah, it's such things I need right now, it's been a while since yesterday now and I have too little time.' So he never actually answered the question, just laughed about the tooth paste and deo :)

  3. Thanks for the translation, Anna!