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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Translated Swedish Henrik Lundqvist interview from 2006

Henrik Lundqvist in large interview about live as a star in New York.

New York: henrik Lundwvist is king of Manhattan.
I an large interview with Sport Expressen he tells about the pressure to succed, the dream of Stanlay Cup and his life with girlfriend Therese.
- When nothing works and I feel bad, then it's the family and Therese that helps me, and that means a lot for me.

Henke jumps into his big jeep, Hummer H3. He's properly dressed in a tight grey suit. And a pair of big black Dolce&Gabbana shades.
Nwew York Rangers fans immiedtiatly recognises their savior and hero.
- Henrik, your're the best! they shout.
Henrik shurgs nervously.
- It's not usually like this when I'm around town he says apologising-
- I actually have a nice and anonymous life here at Manhattan. Hockey isn't the biggest sport.

Unsure a year ago.
Exactly a year ago Sport Expressen met Henrik Lundqvist in Tarrytown at NYR's camp.
Then he was nervous and unsure.
- I had no idea if I'd make the team.
Today, one year leater, he's the biggest star of the team, not even Jaromir Jagr matches his cult status.
Inside MSG jersey with his names is sold more than ever. Signed photos and pucks are sold on the team homepage.
- It's a dizzying feeling. I had actually forgotten how it was.
- Until I got back after summer and had my first game at the garden. To hear the audience shout my name brought back a lot of memories from last season.
Appointed first goalie.
Sport-Expressen has earlier written that Henrik is the first goali for this season. former star Kevin Weekes will have to settle in the shade.
Team coach tom Renny states:
- I count on Henke this season to 100 000 (sic)%
Henke laughs when he's told what Tom Renney stated.
- Well, then I'll have to live up to it. I know that I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. But don't forget that I'm just one piece in the puzzle.

(Translators braindump, *** is 'prestationsångest' in english?)
Can you suffer from to much pressure?
- I know that I can't do more than my best. I try not to think in the terms of pressure. It can easily get so negative.
- I played in Frölunda for 5 years and had the same pressure then.

You can't compare Frölunda with Rangers and MSG?
- I can, Sure it's a bigger scene. But it's still the same pressure. It's acutally no difference.

When stuff get's gard. What do you do?
- I try not to dig in. I think that it important. Don't think it over and over again. Try instead to find something fun and think of something else.

Has a different selfconfidence.
What's the difference this season compared to last?
- First and foremast that I feel at home here now. I know how stuff works. All the media circus which is huge in New York.
- And then I know hoe everything works around games and practices. All that helps.

Difference in the game?
- I know what I can. I've got a better self confidence. Then it's of course always things that can be adjusted and get better.
- There are situations and goals from last season that we go over several times. Goals that I hopefully won't let in this season.

What driving you?
- To make a better season than the last one. First target is playoff. Then there's always the dream of going all the way to the final and win it. We have to team that can do it.

Personal goals?
- Stay in Rangers. I've got contract for this year, but my ambition is to stay. I really enjoy playing here.
Henrik Lundwvist also has a new life outside the ice. This week they moved from White Plains, north of NY, to Manhattan and the west side. He and his gf has bought a roomy apartment with two bedrooms and livingroom.
- It's important to have a functional social life. The other apartment was good but now it's easier to find something to do when you've got time off.

You get time off?
- Well, not much. But the time I have I try to spend with Therese. We like going to restuarant and concerts.

And what does Therese say about all the time you're away?
- she buys it and she knows what we'er in for. It's the life we have chosen.

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