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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lundqvist has found home in New York (2009)

NEW YORK. New York made the curious boy to the man who knows what he wants. "I built a life here. I never thought I would enjoy as well," said Henrik Lundqvist. TT got an exclusive visit to the goalkeeper's home - a conversation about the city he loves, a Lamborghini and crashed too narrow neckties.

Name: Henrik Lundqvist.

Born: March 2, 1982 in Åre.

Family: Girlfriend Therese Andersson, twin brother Joel.

Favorite Idrottsminne: Olympic gold in Turin.
Interest outside of hockey: Music.

Top destinations: Brazil and Thailand.

It may have taken his time, but included in his fifth season in the NHL is life like Lundqvist desired.

- The contract (six years) meant a lot, mostly in the form of security. That the club believes in me, want me a long time and for the economic part, of course, "said Lundqvist, when we struck us down in lägenhetskomplexets collection space.

The organization that owns the Rangers and the basketball team the New York Knicks have also nominated him for a spokesman for the charity, "Garden of Dreams."

- I wanted to start my own organization and organizing events to raise money for sick children, but they asked if I could do more for the Garden of dreams instead. It is of course "for children in crisis" as a slogan, so it is for children with all sorts of needs.

Has five years changed respect toward you? For example, you get less shall be by coach John Tortorella?

- He gives me the confidence and support, but it is not coddle. I have played so badly, I hear it. It was a bit strange in the beginning with such name-calling before the whole group. But there are straight lines and I like that he treats everyone equally.

Have you changed itself over the years here?

- I was 23 when I came here, now I'm 27th It's a pretty big difference and I feel much more adult. It's another quiet maybe.

- I never thought I would enjoy this good in New York. Now when you prepare the home that you want to live in, it has become more like that I built a life here. The social situation has become more important - it's not just hockey. I am alive and well.

Sounds like you intend to start a family with kids and everything?

- Well, children may account for my brother. There are many friends who have children now, but we're not there yet. We live in New York and has a completely different tempo. I played in Buffalo, maybe I tried the next step in life.

What will be the best in the house after the renovation?

- The terrace is my favorite place. The type is one hundred square and where shall we have a jacuzzi, a bar and you should be able to watch TV out there.

No place for playing Guitar Hero?

- No, I am useless at Guitar Hero, it's just real guitars that apply. I lirade with Jay Weinberg recently (the drummer who played with Bruce Springsteen). He was ridiculously good, I had to make an effort to close the mouth.

You can be seen more often in the fashion context?

- It is obvious that we Europeans are a bit different style compared to American and Canadian players. It was mostly in the beginning there was a clash of cultures. I remember that I came up with a narrow tie five years ago when there were here. When people asked if I cleaned his teeth with the floss where I had around his neck.

Speaking of cars, you drove off the road with your Lamborghini lately. Were you scared?

- Yes, it was horrible. It went so quickly. The water and grabbed the car. It was just to scrap it. The engine sits behind the Lamborghini, and it was an ugly car to drive when it is dry - as a go-cart - but not in rain.

How did you feel afterwards?

- Shaky. It took several days to get over, I thought about it every five minutes for sure. Just when it happened I just sat in the car and was pissed that I sabbath. But when I came to the rink, I realized how lucky I had.

Olympics approaching. How do you see it?

- I am thinking more and more of it. Especially now when we were in Canada and saw the advertisement for the Olympics on television. You have to get there in good shape and reach their peak at the quarter-finals, semi and hopefully final.

Do you feel pressure on yourself?

- Well, since the OS is as short as a lot will be about goalkeeper, the game, you can not afford mistakes. But it is not news. It is always up to the team, but there is enough pressure on me from all sides, though mostly from myself.

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