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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some interesting random facts about Henrik

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Hockey idols growing up: Peter Lindmark, Patrick Roy, Dominik Hasek
Favorite TV show: House - Love the dialogue”
Favorite movie: Gladiator - “Great soundtrack and picture”
Favorite Sport (besides Hockey): Soccer
Hobbies: Playing guitar, Skiing, Golf
Pet Peeves: Grid Lock
My Perfect Pizza: Cheese, Fresh Tomatoes, Meat Sauce
Favorite Smell: Cigar smell after a Championship win
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Ice Cream: Flavor Blueberry
Favorite Car: Maserati
Favorite Candy Bar: Mars Bars
Favorite Drink: Coke and Vitamin Water
Define yourself in three words: “HATE TO LOSE!!”
Favorite Song to Play on Guitar: Everlong - Foo Fighters
Favorite Song: My Hero - Foo Fighters
Favorite Bands: Foo Fighters, Hakan Hellstrom (Swedish), Lars Winnerback (Swedish)
Dream Vacation: Thailand
Favorite Item I own: My Car
Favorite Restaurant: Vento – “great Italian!” & Houston’s – “great ribs!”
Greatest Achievement: Winning a Gold Medal at the Olympics and Making it to the NHL; the best league in the world
Biggest Disappointment: “There’s a few…”

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