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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Henke - beautiful in the world (2006)


NEW YORK. What do Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez together with Henrik Lundqvist?
Answer: They are prettiest in the world.
People magazine has the Swedish star goalkeeper on its list of world's 100 most beautiful.
- Proud? Well, that was mostly a fun thing. Brad and I, laughing Henke.

Henrik Lundqvist has taken New York and the U.S. by storm. 24-year-old has been in record time superstar in Manhattan and the given the King of New York Rangers. To the team's home games at Madison Square Garden, hundreds of women in sweaters with Lundqvist's name. Now he has received yet another award to add to your collection. The respected magazine People list every year the world's 100 most beautiful list, and where there Lundqvist with a styled photo from the Rangers dressing room. "He helped his country win gold in the Olympics. Now he's challenger for Rookie of the Year Award", the newspaper said.
Become embarrassed

- So you've seen it there, "said Henry, laughing. - I do not know what to say, he continues embarrassed. That's not to take so seriously, right? What I understood they wanted a sports guy on the list.

Sure. But there is a few to choose from, and they chose you. - It's fun, but I do not know if lists are so important.

You and Brad Pitt are now beautiful in the world. - (Laughter) What a thing, huh? Can you say no comment?

Are you vain? - No, I do not. I will not go around all the time and think about how I look. But yes, sometimes even want to be extra nice.

Do you spend much money on clothes? - Both. I think very much about clothes. Once I go out and acting in New York, it might be a good deal. But where it goes in cycles.

How will you celebrate it? - Not at all. That's nothing to celebrate.

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