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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Henry likes to be the king of Manhattan (2007)

He is punctual. World Star Henrik Lundqvist sliding in with his beautiful glasses and nice, easy and free style meets up myself, not one minute late. He found in Bastad course as he does in his own pocket. Where it currently fits quite so thick wallet. Not long ago he signed a six-year contract with New York Rangers, which immediately made him financially independent. The money he has already begun to invest.
- I bought some buildings and apartments. One in Florida and a course in New York. Economy 's clear now, no doubt about that. One should try to invest money wisely, live well and continue to buy new homes.

- It may be my next purchase, laughing.

Do you have any plans to use your name in the future in business?
- There is much business in the United States clearly. I've had some offers already, so there are no giant-sized, but still. We'll see, but I may be enough to reassure me a bit before I think I am Björn Borg.

You called for King Henry and socialize with royalty now. How is your relationship with Princess Madeleine?
- We have mutual friends in New York and there are those who have brought us together. About my nickname first coined in the New York Post after I made a good season, I can only say: I do not mind the nickname.

Are you fashion conscious?
- Of course I like to dress me nice, but I can hardly be compared with Fredrik Ljungberg. But yes, I like to shop.

How does all this success that has been changed you personally?
- My life has changed a lot over the past five years. Inboard, I have not changed me so much. On the other hand, maybe it comes out differently. The real friends I have left, since I'm not the world best at keeping in touch with everyone.

How do you see the tennis week in Bastad?
- The family always celebrate holidays here. It has become a tradition and now my parents live here now and I have myself lived here for five years. Fun week and it happens a lot.

Now you are established in the NHL - the very policy it was before you had your breakthrough?
- There is policy in the NHL with players with big contracts and the players that they must let the play. I was lucky to not have as stiff competition when I went over. You may of course not many chances as the seventh choice (in draft) in a team in the NHL. You have to be one hundred percent ready once you get there, otherwise they can end badly.

Who got you under?
- Darius Kasparaitis ran very much to me. He had a Swedish wife then, but now he has a new Swedish girl, laughing.

Divan, Jaromir Jagr has now left the Rangers for Russia - what do you say about the transition?
- Jagr is basically a good person, a bit quiet on the new on the team maybe. He put enormous pressure on himself and his surroundings.

- The world's best line after the NHL, but they need to recruit more Jagr if they are to threaten seriously.

He has scolded you?
- I made a gaffe once who did that we dare booked the match. Then he was really angry at me, but it was Nylander also. It may be taken.

You were one of the few established stars who accepted the World Cup how were you then?
- The team can make me BELOVED BY THE PEOPLE. Moreover, I felt justified. But I understand all that she did not. It has been a long season in the back.

You do not think it had with Bengt-Ake Gustavsson that person to do?
- No, absolutely not.

What do you do when you're not playing hockey?
- Is the dinners and so ...

It sounds a bit monotonous and boring.
- Yes, but what do you want us to do, ride on a wheel like a circus artist (laughs).

A slightly different question now. How do you see to be so like Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon?
- The I have nothing against.

Better than to emulate Victory Tilly as Ronaldinho?
- (Laughter) Yes, certainly.

Finally, what do you most of all right now?
- To get to win the Stanley Cup, win the Vezina Trophy and the family must feel good.

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