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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Want To Ask Henrik a Question?

Do you have any questions for Henrik? Well, if you have Twitter you can submit your questions to him via the New York Rangers Twitter by 11am tomorrow and he might just answer your question!

Here's the official tweet:


Have a question for #NYR star Goalie Henrik Lundqvist? Tweet @thenyrangers by 11am tom & we can ask him for you & tweet answers #AskHenrik

Good luck!


  1. Why doesn't he just get his own Twitter> haha

  2. I know, I wish he would! He says he's not into computers though, but he wouldn't have to use one- he can just tweet from his iPhone.

  3. Exactly!! I always see Avery and Voros post pictures, like JUST JOIN them!! hahaha

  4. Unfortunately, Voros deleted his Twitter. I really hope he comes back though.