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Friday, June 11, 2010

Henrik Hosts Season Subscriber Lunch

ShareThis Yesterday Henrik hosted a season subscriber lunch event with a very lucky group of fans. Sean Avery also made a surprise appearance. Henrik seemed happy to see him, I'm sure the fans were as well. Anyone happen to know what restaurant this took place in? It looks nice. Here are some photos of the event:

Thanks to Mike99420 of the forums for sharing this information he got from Henrik at the lunch:

"He felt he was run into slot especially in the beginning of the year and his mom thought so too, he felt the year we lost to Buffalo was the strongest team he has played on thus far. He is very jealous of Chicago and he said he took not being in the playoffs terrible, and made sure to say that he really means that and it's not just bs.
The worst buildings in the league were Pitts and NYI. Worst crowd on the road towards him are Mon, Pitt, and Philly. Loves to ski but can't because the insurance on his contract doesn't cover anything of he. Does and can't wait to ski once he retires.
He feels like he needs the team to be good and fast so his prime doesn't get wasted like many NYR goalies in the past.
Feels Rosy is the best shootout player on the Rangers, admitted how bad the team was in OT as a reason why we didn't get into as many shootouts as we did in years past."

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  1. If I had been there, the poor kid in the Team Sweden jersey would've had to sit one seat over - no way would I miss an opportunity to sit next to Henrik!!! Especially looking that good!!!

  2. He does look good! That was one lucky kid. What an amazing experience that must have been for him.