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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Henrik Answers Your Questions


The photo above was taken during the interview, so that confirms that Henrik is still in New York!

I'm going to Sweden next yr. What are ur fav places?
#30: Rent a boat & go N along coast to Gothenburg–visit towns & local shops

Who pays the check when you go out to eat: you, Gaborik, Voros or Avery?
#30: We all toss in our CC’s & let the waiter pick!

What brand are your favorite jeans?
#30: Tiger of Sweden are my favorite jeans

What's on ur ipod right now?
#30: Listening to an acoustic playlist w/ @countingcrows @PearlJam @foofighters @gunsnroses &more

Why do you wear 30?
#30: Couldn't have 35 since it's retired, so I picked up 30 at my 1st camp & it stuck, I like it!

What is your fav Swedish meal?
#30: Swedish shrimp sandwich- shrimp on the W coast in Sweden is the best

What’s the last movie you saw?
#30: I saw @IronMan2 IMAX and liked it

I'll add more as/if it comes...

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