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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Henrik Lundqvist Talks Money, Bread & Boxers Underwear Pictures and More


The numbers are a bit unimaginable.
When Henrik Lundqvist's current contract with New York Rangers expires, he has received nearly SEK 1 billion in his salary during his years in the NHL.
"I've never been joking for what I earn," said the 35-year-old.
SportExpressen met the goalkeeper icon for a conversation about money, entrepreneurship, family-style and kalson photography.

On the roof terrace overlooking Sergels Torg in Stockholm, Henrik Lundqvist kisses against the roaring sun.
The step to the sweaty dressing rooms where Lundqvist spends a large part of his professional life feels quite a long way.
"I like contrasts in life," says Henrik Lundqvist.
But this day is not much about the ice hockey player Henrik Lundqvist.
Instead, the contractor.
Lundqvist is in Stockholm to promote the Bread & Boxers clothing brand, a company he owns.

In a few minutes he will take the elevator down to the entrance level. There, in the department store's entrance plan, Lundqvist will try to attract buyers to the clothing brands' products.
"Hopefully I may write some autographs," says Lundqvist.
You can say that calmly.
As soon as Lundqvist takes a seat, a long, long queue of hundreds of buyers waits for a moment's close contact with the superstar.

Earlier that day, the 35-year-old acted as a model for the new collection. But with certain restrictions:
No kalson pictures on la David Beckham & Fredrik Ljungberg.
"Well, that train has gone," says Lundqvist, laughing.
- Mmm, we have other models for that.
Lundqvist continues:
- Then the idea of ​​the brand is that it should be quite prestigious. It should not be too strained. Which I think it may be in the case of pure kalson images.

You also make advertising for a proper everyday shampoo mark - is it deliberately a choice to choose such products? To be a little, well, domestic?
- Not really. So, I have grown up in Swedish middle class ... and just because you suddenly started earning a lot of money, hopefully, you do not change who you are as a person.

Henrik Lundqvist has undoubtedly earned a lot of money.
In his only twelve years in pure NHL he has earned about 670 million kronor in NHL. When his current contract with New York Rangers expires in four seasons, that sum has grown to around 920 million.
Thus, such a sum is almost unbelievably large.
- Yes, but then it's also that those sums always sound significantly higher than they are in reality. But it's just about the sum that many read and get stuck on, says Henrik Lundqvist.

So what's the reality?
- After all costs for tax, agents and other things, you'll have maybe 35 percent left.
He continues:
"But of course, that's still a lot of money. And I realize how lucky I'm. There is no snack on that matter.

How did you really experience your financial trip?
"For me, it has been gradual. It was not that you woke up one day and just ... PANG, says Henrik Lundqvist.

"I did not have much money when I grew up. This has been built for a long time and I have learned to live with that responsibility. Learned the value of money.

Have you learned to live with Swedish jealousy also?
"I have probably not encountered it so much, but ... we spend only a couple of months a year here.
Henrik Lundqvist thinks for a couple of moments.
"But I personally feel that I have often gone my own way. In many different things. And I feel strong for something - then I'll do it. Then people will enjoy what they want.

It only took me a few seconds to google the numbers of your finances - do you think it's good that NHL publishes all wages?
- That is a good question. And the answer is well yes and no.

Why yes?
- The more you earn - the higher the demands are made on you. And that's what it will do. It's really nothing to reminder about.

Why no?
"There are always moments when you wonder if it is valued correctly. I mean, it will always be hard to say that someone deserves so much money.

Have you ever been joking about what you earn?
- No. I'm incredibly grateful - but no, I've never been joking for what I earn.
Henrik Lundqvist has twelve seasons behind him in NHL. Four to remain on the contract with the New York Rangers.

When it expires, Lundqvist will be 39 years old.
The day when life as a hockey player changes to another, it's getting closer to the two-child card.
- As long as I play, hockey will always be the number one. But it is clear that I see that one day will end. That one day I will do something else, says Henrik Lundqvist.

How much do you think about that day already?
"I'm definitely thinking about the future. On the kids. On their schooling. And plan for my loved ones to do well.
"At the same time, it is quite uncertain: how long will I play? What should I do then? Where will we live?
Yes, where?
"We often talk about it. But yet we have not arrived at anything.

Although the hockey career is still ongoing, Henrik Lundqvist is already involved in several different projects.
He is a co-owner of Bread & Boxers, a partner in a Manhattan restaurant and also runs the Henrik Lundqvist Foundation charity foundation.

More then?
- There are a number of other investments in which I belong as an owner. But no Swedish, says Lundqvist.

Can you tell me more?
- It has to do with technology. More than that I do not want to go into.

You appear to be as active in the role of entrepreneur?
"I can not think of hockey 24 hours a day, I have to do other things too. Creative things. That gives me energy.
Henrik Lundqvist then tells about the work of his foundation. Through that he has engaged in several different children's hospitals.
"It affects me a lot, especially now that I have my own children.
Lundqvist continues:
- Going to those children's hospitals ... it can be tough to go in there. You'll be sad. But at the same time it feels in some way uplifting.
"Even though I play hockey," just "is doing a sport, I can now contribute and contribute.

It certainly sounds like extremely well-used money. If we turn it on - what's the worst thing you used your money for?
- There are two things that last very short - but cost a lot.
What then?
- Fireworks and late evenings at the pub.

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