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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Henrik Lundqvist Practiced with the Frolunda Indians and Lias Andersson


It's a long day in the ice hockey for the New York Rangers goalkeeper. First a hard pass together with brother Joel Frölunda, then another sweaty moment with NHL lyricists like John Klingberg (Dallas), Anton Blidh (Boston) and Viktor Svedberg (Chicago).

"At this time of the year, I always think more and more in New York. It's nice when the season starts and I'm going to the camp ...

Are you completely healthy at the knee, what was a problem during World Cup in Germany?
- Yes it's me. Then I always feel that the body must adapt during the first few weeks of ice. The best part is just to go out and drive as much as you can. It will feel good for a while ... just physically, so. It's more technical as it feels dangerous!

No age brackets?

- No, not yet! Haha.

Lias Andersson, Henrik's future team mate in Rangers, makes a goal in a free range during training.

"Yes, was he?" I never see him. I do not know if that meant or if he missed the shot. It felt like he missed, Lundqvist laughs after the handsome Peter Forsberg fine from the young Kungälv singing who changed the HV71 to Frölunda - and in mid-summer was drafted as number seven.

How does Lias look to you?

"It will be fun to see him at the camp, I think. The door is open, but I have seen him far too little to know. I've heard a lot about him. It will be fun to get to know him. Again, I can say. I learned to know him when he was little when he was five years old and ran into the dressing room with daddy ...

After the training, autograph writing becomes a lot of children gathered in Frölundaborg.

"My daughter, five, always gets scared when I come with the equipment, because I look so big. I sit down, Henrik says to a little guy waiting together with his parents.

"He looks great, but there are gaps here and here and here," laughs Brother Joel Lundqvist, pointing above the shoulders and between the legs.

- Did you aim for the penalty or, Henke murmures back.

- Hmpf. I did not meet the puck, Joel replies.

It's called sibling love, huh?

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