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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Interview


A nine month long season. A season ending with an abrupt end for Henrik Lundqvist and his New York Rangers when the Ottawa senators with Erik Karlsson were tough for the Stanley Cup final play. However, the season continued for Henrik Lundqvist with a World Cup final that ended with a gold medal around the neck.
Despite that, he is not tired of ice hockey but does not sneak on the skates to instruct future goalkeepers at Öckerö. He himself had Dominik Hasek and Patrick Roy as idols - but in the Öckerö Ice Hall, it is clear that he himself is the great idol for the youth, although Lundqvist himself is humble when asked about the idolatry.
- Ah. There are so many to watch, but I urge the young to watch a lot about others. I'm still learning to look at others and get inspiration from it. When I grew up I saw NHL once a week, it was on Saturdays and then you were completely glued in front of the TV.

After the lead-tongue loss against Ottawa Senators in the Stanley Cup final play, the question immediately came from the federation Rikard Grönborg: "Are you looking forward to playing the World Cup?".
It took a few days, then "Henke" thanked yes and the rest is history.
"I think everyone has experienced a similar feeling. That you have performed at high level under the greatest pressure and all the adrenaline and joy that rinses over one. Everybody jumps out on the ice and screaming and this was something I dreamed about doing since I was a little guy.

"A feeling I will never forget"

How much of your "yes" to the World Cup had the brother's involvement to do?
- Clearly that was a big part, but there were many factors that recorded. It's about how the body feels and how to feel. It will be a bit "Can I recharge? Can I play at the level I want?". Since I had not played with the brother in twelve years, I heard that. Now we got to play again and also win together. It's a feeling I'll never forget.

Slowly but surely begun after the next season, show up at Lundqvist who can enjoy some well deserved holiday in Sweden first. During his twelve years gone in the United States he has performed at peak in season by season.
"It's all about having to work and that the head must be involved. You can not just snap your fingers and hope that it will be fine. The day I feel satisfied that I'm not developing it's when I hang up my shirt.

How is it going to be under pressure, time after time?
"There are high expectations from outside and when you do not perform, you get the question:" Why did you release that puck? ". But as a goalkeeper, you only have to like the situation and to be different from loss and profit. Everyone has days when they sometimes wish they did something else, I'm with.

"Hockey is the enemy at home"

Do you know?
"Clearly, I feel some security in my position, but things can change quickly. I do not take anything for granted but am safe as said. Then it's tough competition which it should be. I'm spurred by going out driving show that the place is mine.

The move to New York went to 2005 for a then 23-year-old Henrik Lundqvist. Much has happened in ten years - among other things, he has become father, twice, to Charlise and Juli, five and two.
"I do not know if they want to do hockey or what they want to do. Right now, Hockey is the enemy at home. They think it takes a bit too much time and I'm gone too much.

Have they understood that dad is the "King of New York"?
- Haha, no they have not taken it. The eldest begins to understand why people come and see, usually around the games. But there may be some questions about why people take pictures but they will understand more and more. Then I do not know if they think it's fun to eat candy in the green room or if it's to look at the match itself. But they like it and it's fun.

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