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Monday, August 21, 2017

Henrik Lundqvist Talks Bread & Boxers; Wants to Play Until he's 40


The king of New York can now also be called the king of the seams. Swedish Bread & Boxers lingerie has sold as butter since Hockeyproffset Henrik Lundqvist joined the company as a shareholder.
"As a sports person, you have a certain level of competition in business," says Henrik Lundqvist. Henrik Lundqvist joined Broad & Boxers in 2014. The same year, sales had a significant boost and have since been stable around SEK 15 million per year.

The New York Rangers legendary goalkeeper himself says it's not his name that is the key to success.

"We are constantly working on product development. Even though we have a lot of basic goods, such as lingerie and white t-shirts, we will improve the material and fit every year, "says Henrik Lundqvist.

Last year, however, the results fell sharply for Bread & Boxers. Net profit then landed at almost SEK 28,000, compared with SEK 2.1 million in 2015.

"One of our Norwegian distributors went bankrupt. This meant that we had a pretty strong customer loss against that market, "says Alexander Palmgren, one of the company's two founders, adding that the situation in Norway has now settled. This year, Bread & Boxers expects a turnover of SEK 22 million and aims at A profit margin of around 15 percent.

Henrik Lundqvist's role in the company has primarily been about marketing the brand, according to himself. But unlike the sporting genres Börje Salming and Björn Borg's underwear, Henrik Lundqvist's name is not on the underwear's years.

"We try to keep a prestigious and fairly simple attitude with the brand. And based on the feedback I've received, people seem to like it, "says Henrik Lundqvist.

He does not want to reveal how much Bread & Boxers he owns, but says it is "significant". However, the NHL player has no plans to put the club on the shelf and become a full-time entrepreneur - so far.

"I have four years left on my contract. After that, maybe I'll play another year, if I can. But then I know there is another life waiting. What happens if I choose to engage myself more in Bread & Boxers or in my charity Henrik Lundqvist Foundation, we'll see. "
But one thing, the goalkeeper's star is clear. There is no disadvantage to bring the experiences from the rink into the business world.

"Much is about setting. It's hard to succeed if you're not prepared to work for it. Sacrifices are required, whether it's sport or business, "says Henrik Lundqvist.

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