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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Watch a Video of Henrik Lundqvist & Oscar Lindberg Arriving in Germany


COLOGNE. Now he is in place - Henrik Lundqvist has landed in Cologne.
Together with his teammate from the New York Rangers, Oscar Lindberg, he landed in the German World Cup last Saturday.
"I became more and more crazy the longer the hours went after we left the Stanley Cup. And I miss a World Cup Gold, "said Lundqvist to SportExpressen when it became clear with the World Cup team for the Rangers goalkeeper.
The fact that Brother Joel's presence in the team recorded, there is no doubt.
Lundqvist holds a press conference at 14.00
"It's probably not going to be an Olympics next year, so it's important to take care of the remaining chances. In addition, Brother Joel is the team captain of the World Cup and we have not played together for many years. Then, of course, I want to have that World Cup Gold in the collection and, as I see it, this is a team that has the chance to go all the way, Henke explained.
After three crowns training at lunchtime, a press conference will be held with Henrik Lundqvist at. 14.00 today.
The idea is that Lundqvist - and Lindberg - will play tomorrow's match against Denmark.
Three Crowns last puzzle piece in the World Cup squad, Nicklas Bäckström, arrives at Cologne tomorrow.

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