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Friday, May 12, 2017

Henrik Lundqvist Will Wear Number 35 at the World Championship


COLOGNE. Henrik Lundqvist is strongly associated with the jersey number 30.
But now he can switch back to 35 in the World Cup, which he had in Frölunda once in a while.
Viktor Fasth has already numbered number 30.
On Saturday, Henrik Lundqvist arrives at the World Cup in Cologne to play his maybe last championship with Tre Kronor.
The goalkeeper stares at 09.20 in Cologne and trains the team after lunch in Cologne's Haies facility next to the Lanxess Arena.
Much will be like Lundqvist in Cologne.
His drive on the exercises, the anger when he drops a goal and the huge interest around him as a player and person.
But one thing is new, his jersey number. Lundqvist has played with 30 on the back in the last two Olympic Games and at the World Cup in Toronto this fall. But in this year's championship Viktor Fasth has already used "Henkes" regular numbers.
- Three Crowns have already used 30 on their roster. But they can put in a proposal for the IIHF to change numbers, but it has not been done so far, says IIHF Communications Manager Adam Steiss.
It made three kronor when Peter Forsberg arrived late for a World Cup and 21 was taken by Jörgen Jönsson.Jönsson switched to 72 and Foppa got back his brand number.
Joel Lundqvist has noted that the brother is wearing his old jersey number.
But points out he is used to 35 also, even when Three Crowns won the Olympic Gold 2006.
- He had it in Frölunda. Then he did not get it in Rangers because it was Mike Richter's number. 35 will work well for him, "said Joel Lundqvist earlier on Brother's arrival to the World Cup.

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