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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Henrik Lundqvist Almost Missed Team Sweden's Final Game


When Three Crowns started the World Cup, it was still unclear if Henrik Lundqvist would join.But finally the "king" came in - with a view to World Cup gold.
But before the evening's final there was a big question about the goalkeeper's status.
In the final stages of the semi-finals against Finland, Lundqvist stood for an acrobatic rescue - but at the long side shift, where Lundqvist slipped down, he seemed to be ill in the groin.
After the match, he laughed badly when the team stood up at the blue line to listen to the Swedish national anthem.
But with just hours left to puck drop, the dream came true: Henrik Lundqvist would play.
And in the final, the New York Rangers goalkeeper became a big gold hero for Tre Kronor. After the match, he revealed the drama before the final.
"It felt no further yesterday, but we should see how it felt in the morning. I had a small injury on my knee. I did not think I could play around lunch, it did not feel good at that time. But I received acupuncture and treatments. We tested with a syringe that made the pain disappear, says "Henke".
"So it's clear that I've been a little worried, you've got the chance to play the World Cup finals, so you do not want to miss because of an injury," he says.
Despite the spray, the goalkeeper believes that after all, the pains came back during the final match.
"It came after half the match, but you do not know in a World Cup final. You just try to think about the next shot, he says.

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