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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Henrik Lundqvist Played a Prank on Joel After Landing in Germany


Henrik Lundqvist has landed in Cologne. He and Oscar Lindberg brought an early morning flight through Munich and landed at the German side on the 9th floor.

Henrik went straight to the hotel and ate a quick breakfast before he surprised the brother Joel Lundqvist

"I lay and watched the series in the room, then there was a knock on the door and it was so called room service," says Joel

-Haha, you're crying, NOW, laughs Henrik

"Yes, it was a tension and I did not want anything," Joel continues.

-Haha, thought you recognized my voice. I distorted it a bit in isolation. Run a little higher pitch, says Henrik

However, the brothers do not share rooms during the World Cup.

"It's always nice to have your own room, he does not have to be with you when you face-time with your family," Joel laughs.


Henrik & Joel talk about what they would be if they weren't professional hockey players:

Henrik Lundqvist - "It was just sport when I grew up. Would love to think I was good at soccer but I do not think I was. Had to try out in sports. After that, it would probably have been somewhere in the music industry, I hope. I like music."

Joel Lundqvist - "Baker, baked a lot when I was younger. Mom's grandfather was a baker. He was also called Joel."

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