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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Read Some More of Henrik Lundqvist's Olympic Diary


It is black and white. You're the hero or the scapegoat . The goalkeeper has a special role in all team sports. He is more exposed . Is it good for the team have often the goalie a big part in the success , but it goes bad , it is also he who is questioned. There is little the charm actually . It is black and white. You're the hero or the scapegoat . Sometimes I like it , take a lot of responsibility and feel that much of the outcome depends on my performance . Sometimes I just sit on the bench in the booth and talk shit with the old men , which they can do. As a goalkeeper you have to have your eyes on the puck almost all the time and there are few opportunities to relax during the matches. It can of course be stressful but it's also where the challenge lies . OS are short and intense and minimizing mistakes becomes even more important. Yet another challenge to look forward to . Talk to you soon . / Henrik

I have worked with mental images for many years. Before every game I always go through different potential game situations in his head. I can see in front of me how I save a slap shot with plocken and I'm fast in a sideways movement and saves a return. I can imagine a neutral as I ward with leg guard and we win the game. Mental training in this way is about to program and prepare the brain for upcoming events , and I feel more comfortable if I have gone through different scenarios in my head before I go out on the ice. I also work sometimes with mental images when I rest in the afternoon, and there is research showing that you can get better at what you do just by visualizing positive turn of events in this way . It works at least for me and I know many other goalies works in a similar way . Talk to you soon . / Henrik

Grind , grind , grind ... Which goalie hockey training is very much about technology and to wear in different movement patterns on the ice. It'll just sit in muscle memory, and when it goes fast , I must be able to react instinctively . Responsiveness is one of the cornerstones of the goalkeeper the game, and although some are innately so I have to train in order to maintain and improve such a property. I run about the same exercises every day with my goalie coach and it is very much about wear , wear , wear . Until it sits . If you have not already done so: test your reaction in the Samsung Galaxy Team app , and compare your results with mine. Good Luck! / Henrik

Roger Federer I admire very much. It's important to have role models and when I was younger , I had several hockey idols. Today, there are obviously players that I admire, but when you yourself plays in the NHL can be a bit difficult to have teammates and opponents as role models. I think , however, that one can learn a lot of athletes involved in other sports and myself , I think Roger Federer is a good example of it . Besides , he 's a great tennis player , I think his way of being off the track is admirable, and I think you can learn a lot from him when it comes to , for example, handle pressure . He really is a super professional in every way and in addition , he is a humble and nice guy that I got the chance to meet a few times. I hope he does not put the tennis racket on the shelf for a while . / Henrik

I had a couple of lucky shoes but they went on some cods . In the NHL , we play a lot of matches and through the years I've managed to create several habits and routines that I follow more or less consciously before each match . In the dressing room minutes before face-off , I follow almost a ritual : three minutes before we go out on the ice I put on plocken , two minutes before going on the shock and when a minute remaining , I gather myself and think about the game and what to do . How do I do before every game . Then it has the outward stuff too. A couple of years ago I had a pair of shoes which I thought brought me luck , but the luck I wanted the wastage so I just used the pair at particularly important matches . Then they went on a couple of cods and then lost the magic bit ... I 'll see if I have time to record a new pair of lucky shoes for the Olympics. Hopefully I have all the same to me a couple home from there. Have a great day . / Henrik

In the summer I play a lot of tennis. Like any elite athlete , I'm basically never entirely free from training. Even off-season , when you have a little vacation and not practicing with the team, you have to be sure to keep going. I have run about the same programs in eight nine years and I know my body pretty well now . In summer it is almost only strength training that apply and the gym will be obviously very focused on the legs , especially running and cycling . In recent years, I actually started playing tennis very well, I think it is good way to train speed and mobility . Fitness into the bargain , and it's funny does not hurt either . Here in New York , I usually play with teammates, often Dominic Moore. He is sharp . I generally think that it is good with an all-round training as long as you know that you get what you want, and with the tennis I feel I really push myself physically. It works for me quite easily. Tip: dare to think a little outside the box when you add up your physical training . Variety is good for several reasons, but mainly , I think the workout feel easier if you have fun while you do it. Have a great day . / Henrik

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