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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist NHL Live Video Interview

Watch the opening sequence of this video very closely. It contains some of Henrik's career highlights. Around the 0:19 mark you'll see a very cool moment that I don't think a lot of people may remember. Partly because it happened during Henrik's rookie year and partly because it's not on YouTube. What I'm talking about is when the fans at the Garden started to chant HEN-RIK HEN-RIK for the very first time. Henrik did something I had never ever seen a hockey player do, and I'd been watching hockey for years at that point. He actually acknowledged the fans by waving to them during the game. I've been searching for footage of this moment for years and could never find it. I always wanted to post it to the blog since I always thought it was such a cool gesture on Henrik's part, so thank you to NHL Network for digging it out.

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