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Friday, January 31, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist Won't Change The Size of His Pads For The Olympics


Before the season was crimped målvaktsbenskydden in the NHL. The Olympics are permitted a larger version - but Henrik Lundqvist still choose to play with NHL dimensions . "I will maintain the same length , there is not time to change again ," he says .

To increase målproduktionen in the NHL was reduced height of målvaktsbenskydden by ten percent for the season.

Dimensions are individualized and determined by the size of the net. For Lundqvist's part , his protection fell by 3.5-4 centimeters.

 It felt a little less at first, but after a few weeks started to get used to, he says.

What 's the big difference ?

- It is when you go down with your legs sideways , you cover not as good against the posts. You cover a little less in some situations , but at the same time , it is easier to move, says NY Rangers star .

To the OS , it will be allowed greater protection because the International Ice Hockey Federation has no maximum limit for how high they may be. But Lundqvist continue driving the same size as in the NHL.

- Too much jox . You do not want that time to get used to the back , then it's easier to run on only .

So you 'll have less leg protection than some other goalies ?

- Yes , but most plays over here and they will probably also run the same . I do not think anyone is going to trade up for the week . Then you need to train you in while playing over here and there's no time , says Lundqvist parallel to the matches trained with their Olympic shin pads - yellow , blue and white - for a time .

It's been a strange and uneven season for Henrik Lundqvist with deep depressions and high peaks . But the 31 -year-old has struggled through motigheterna , revving up and found the OS form properly in the past month . Lundqvist has nine wins in their last 13 matches and in these a save percentage of 93.1 .

The club has never lost confidence and in December, the star wrote a seven-year contract extension worth an average of gigantic SEK 55 million per season.
Lundqvist makes his third Olympics, was one of the great heroes gold in Turin and had Sochi in mind, basically throughout the season.

- As soon as you read or hear something , you start thinking for yourself on what to expect and how it was the last. There are a lot of expectations , it is there and germinate in mind , he says.

 Does it feel like you have a better location than later now that it is in Europe?

- I think we 've had a chance to win the last few times , it's so little that makes it to succeed. This applies to the line at the right time . The Russians will be very Tagged at home , they have an extremely good team. One should perhaps see them as favorites , but I think we also have a strong team .

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