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Saturday, January 19, 2013

How Henrik Lundqvist Spent the Lockout; Plus New Photo of Charlise



Daddy-daughter time

Before the lockout became a reality, the Swedish goalie was already undergoing a life change. He and wife Therese welcomed their first child in July — daughter Charlise.

“It was definitely an adjustment for me the first couple of weeks. Then after a couple of months, you start getting used to the new routine,” says Lundqvist, 30, who took his new family back to Gothenburg, Sweden, in October.

“That’s the only good thing about this lockout. I had the opportunity to spend time with family, and I know they appreciated [spending time with Charlise],” says Lundqvist. “She’s a happy baby and hardly screams. My mom keeps telling me that we’ve been lucky.”

Lundqvist says his little lady lights up when she sees their Doberman, Nova. “She laughs hysterically when she sees the dog.”

The Lundqvists flew back just before the lockout ended Jan. 5. When word of a deal spread, the team didn’t pop the Champagne. The goalie immediately rallied a group to head to the team’s Tarrytown rink. “Our celebration was skating with a purpose.”

Indeed, all seems right with the world for The King. Both at work — and most definitely at home. “I enjoy [Charlise] more and more each week. I look forward to the connection we’re going to have,” he says. “I like the idea of daddy’s little girl.”

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