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Friday, January 18, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist Says Charlise is a "Happy kid"


The day has come. Whoever Henrik Lundqvist hoped already in september Well in december he was tired of hoping that the NHL lockout would be blown off. "I was really down for a while. It was the day I went and was ... yes, very quiet, "says hockey star said.

Lockout-journey has been an emotional roller-coaster for most players in the NHL. Those who did not come to work because of the contract dispute with the owners that began last summer.

But anyone who encountered a disappointed and restless Henrik Lundqvist know his feelings in particular is about to move forward, move on, win.

Stand still? Absolutely not.

- It was incredibly frustrating. I can not just snap your fingers and decide to "Now I feel good," when I do not. This is also when I play. Is it bad I feel worse, but that's fine and we win, I feel its best.

- They tried not to think about it but it reminded all the time and was disappointed.

Getting skating on the ice in conjunction with teammates in the New York Rangers in the weeks that went was in a sense a victory.

And Lundqvist glow accordingly.

Praised as this year's goalie last year, after a Rangers Season own fans not seen the likes of since the Stanley Cup victory in 1994, there are high hopes for the season 2012-2013.

One wonders of course if the Rangers, a team on the rise, affected more than others by the lockout?

- It remains to be seen whether we can deliver and stand up to the expectations. We have a good enough team to win this year, absolutely. We have got a couple of new players who are really sharp - Rick Nash is understood that stand out, but it's not just him.

What is all this? Some that are not recovered after Christmas buffets?

- Some are more fit than others of course ... but I think everyone seems to have done well. All knew that it could go fast, so you had to keep running all the time.

How did you do yourself?

- I trained on ice at home in Gothenburg at least three days a week. I had indeed just a shooter, my old goalie coach. So I have a lot of pucks at me, but the timing is such that I have to train in now. It will probably take a few matches.

- That there are no friendlies will probably be felt. It is usually supposed to look a little different at first. Hawaii hockey with games that are a bit helter-skelter.

And for you?

- I have to be patient in the beginning. I will not be one hundred percent, it would be strange if I was.

You have just become a father, the job must lockout has given you more time?

- Yes, if you're going to see something positive with it is that I got to be a lot with my daughter (Charlise, 6 months) the first time. She is a happy kid. Smiles every morning and now she begins to become more as a person. It grows on one, the whole thing. You get so much stronger bonds for each day that passes.

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