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Sunday, January 6, 2013

UPDATED Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interview On End of Lockout


Henke: "great to kick off"

Solution to the NHL conflict has been long awaited by fans as well as players. Henrik Lundqvist, Swedish goalie star, the NY Rangers feel very relieved.
PUBLISHED January 6, 2013 - 16:04 - UPDATED January 6, 2013 - 21:06

It's great to run ahead and mentally prepare themselves for a season, says Henrik Lundqvist.

Normally, players have summer to work out and then a training camp with matches. Now it's season with a week's notice and Henke has not played a real game in eight months.

-It will be tough at first, but it's important not to have any excuses but just out and run, he says.

Solution important for hockey

The conflict has lasted 113 days and concerns about how the fans will react once the NHL will start again increased for each day that the conflict lasted.

-Personally, it is important to get to play, it's a year of your career that you do not get back. The hockey part was important that we came to an agreement. It's a tough competition with other sports and people will find other than hockey to watch if we are not there


Lundqvist, who trained some workouts with Frolunda during the lockout, but has not played a competitive match in over eight months, received the news that there will be a season of relief.
- It feels good. Glad it's done, really. It's been tough not to get any information, he says.
- First one is happy that it runs, but also that you can start to add up their planning.
It feels as if it has been worth it this way in the end?
- It is difficult to say that it's worth it considering that it has been doing this long. I just want to look ahead right now, and it's pretty damn fun that it should get you started.
- Then we will see the consequences of this. We will have some uphill trying to get back the energy that is around the sport. But we can make a good season and a great playoff game so we can get back to where we were before.
The matches have been canceled until January 14, and there is talk that the game could start as soon as the 15th
- It looks like we get a week of camp (training camps, reds. Note.) And no friendlies. Of course, when you have not played a real game in eight months, it will be a challenge to try and get in shape.
- It is important that you do not come in with any excuses, but it's just to go in and run and require that you should perform.
The season will be played over 50 or 48 rounds, to be accomplished in about three-four months.
This means that the Ice Hockey World Championships, played in Sweden and Finland in May, could be without NHL players if the season is still on.
- What I have heard recently is that the playoffs begin in late April, instead of early april. There are a couple of extra weeks, so in order to be considered for the World Cup, you can not go to the playoffs, says Lundqvist.
Games program will also be tough, with many matches close to each other.
- I do not know how your body will react. It is important to be smart in the camp, you can not just toköppna. There are probably many who will have trouble with groins and backs, and more.
- Most people in the same boat. Some've been running and playing, and some have not done as much.

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