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Monday, September 24, 2012

Three Swedish Henrik Lundqvist Articles on his Lockout Plan


I found three articles from the Swedish press on the whole what will Henrik Lundqvist do during the lockout situation. They all essentially say the same thing- he's still not sure if he will play in Sweden. He primarily wants to play in the NHL, however, he is definitely going to visit family and friends in Sweden if the lockout lingers. Happy reading..

1) NEW YORK The world's best goalkeeper to play with Frölunda.
The only question is whether he can - and must.
- It would of course fun to play with my brother, but it feels like question marks lined up, so I continue to wait here in New York, says Henrik Lundqvist to Sportbladet.
The tours around Hockey League and the Elite League in Sweden is causing confusion among our NHL stars
Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers star goalie, you know, for example, not at all what applies now.
- I had originally decided not to play in Sweden when Elite was now closed, he says.
- But when they were told that it was changed after its decision, it felt like maybe it was time to start thinking about.
No hasty decisions
It was just that Hockey League just a few hours later decided to appeal against the Competition Authority's decision to the Market and now the situation is suddenly very unclear.
- It is clear that there is an interest for Frölunda on my part. It would be great to come home and play with my brother, my old club.
- But it seems like the question marks lined up, it's much more that needs to be resolved as well. For example, insurance. And so it should feel good for Frölunda too. We'll see, I wait until further notice.
In short:
Last season's Vezina Trophy winner will not take any hasty decision.
- Rangers are my employer and most importantly, I can keep going and are prepared if and when we start playing in the NHL again, he says.
The plan: Sweden
Sweden can still expect to get New York Rangers star - though not necessarily in hockey equipment.
- The plan is still for me to go home if the lockout proves to be prolonged, he explains.
- But if it means I will also play hockey there remains to be seen. That said, there is still much that is unclear.

2) Henrik Lundqvist is one of those who reported to be heading to Sweden and former home club Frolunda. Of course he wants to wait before taking a decision.
- For the time being I'll stay here in New York and wait what happens with both games in the top division and conflict in the NHL, he says to
There's talk that they locked out NHL players are moving into the premier league. Among other things, examines Modo best if you can get off Alexander Steen and Tobias Enstrom. Anton Strålman has previously said to that he could well imagine playing in Timrå. Nicklas Backstrom and Brynäs have close discussions on games like Niklas Hjalmarsson and HV71.

In New York sits expectant young father Henrik Lundqvist, wondering what to do during the lockout.
- Right now we do not know very much, laughs when Lundqvist reach him in the middle of lunch in New York.
- Clear the game in Frölunda curls, but right now it's not even 100 percent clear if we get to play in the top division or not during the lockout.
- If it should turn out that allowing NHL players in the premier league so Frölunda clearly an option. Until further notice I'll stay here in New York and wait what happens with both games in the premier league and the NHL conflict.

Is Frölunda the option that attracts the most?
- Yes, but there remain many details to resolve, including the insurance issue. Then it's also about the sports part. I will not just get in there a couple of games and then pulling away if the lockout ends. It is important that we fully agree that both I and Frölunda feel satisfied with the agreement between us.
- We will have a discussion, in and of itself, we have an already between us, and see what we come up with.

If you have a baby at home, it's not just breaking up of everything in New York to return home to Sweden and play?
- No, it's not just to go to Sweden because we have planned to be over here all season. The family must have their say and all the practicalities surrounding it must also work. Since I obviously know what the Rangers want with everything. I simply have to weigh the different conditions at each other.
- Of course it would be fun to play for Frolunda especially as it was many years since I last played there and the club means a lot to me.

Is there even another option in North America for you to play if the lockout drags on?
- I actually do not remember. I'm not even sure I get to play in the U.S. or Canada. In that case, it would be in the AHL, but I do not think I can play there now anyway.
- I've only looked at one option and that is Frölunda. My hope is that the NHL primarily starts.

3) When Henrik Lundqvist woke up at home in Manhattan yesterday morning, local time, he was not prepared for what was to come a few hours later.
He had not imagined that the door to Frölunda and premier league would be opened.
- Since Hockey League decided not to let us in, I had thought it out as an option. Now I begin to think again, he says. But I was not prepared for it to happen so fast.
- Of course it would be fun to play with my brother Joel in Frölunda.
When GT talking with Henke first time he has hurry for him to train on ice. After training, we talk again.
- We are twelve or thirteen Rangers player running isträning, but not every day. Often I drive only my workouts at the gym.
All NHL players is during the lockout, how are you working out?
- It's a strange situation, our training camp was supposed to have started today, he says. But during the lockout, we are excluded from the changing rooms and from the club's gym.
Rent rink
But the ice, you will use?
- We rent the rink. How it works, I have no real track. Do not even know what it costs.
After last season, when Henrik Lundqvist was named the NHL's best goalie and took the New York Rangers to the semifinals, where he was cruelly keen on this NHL season would get underway. But there are no signs that it will be playing shortly.
- When the conflict came closer I was wondering if it could be the game in Frölunda and premier league, but then came the announcement from Hockey League. When everything felt very unsafe.
Were you disappointed in Hockey?
"Henke" thinking for a moment.
- I was a bit surprised. Meanwhile, I have some understanding of the decision, which is the particular concern of the economic situation. But you can see this in different ways.
How much have you talked to Frolunda?
- I've mostly talked to Joel. But now I have a discussion with Frölunda management. It will anyway take a while before I know how it is.
So it is no use to go out to Landvetter tonight and wait for you?
- No, no. Earliest few weeks may be necessary.
"Do not get up to anything"
Henrik Lundqvist talked between hockey workout and a tennis session with both twin brother Joel and his agent.
- It must be remembered that the Rangers are my employer. I put my focus on the Rangers, it's important for me to be ready when the NHL kicks off. I have to think about what is best over here.
If it kicks off.
- Yes, right now it's anybody's guess. That is why the whole situation is so messy.
Henry and his wife, Therese, and just over two months younger daughter Charlise, was already yesterday's momentous decision set to go home to Gothenburg in mid-October.
- The plan was to go home to Gothenburg and being with family and friends about it still was not any ice hockey, he says. And then I was going to sit in the stands at Scandinavium and see Frölunda play.
How hungry are you really on to play in Frölunda this fall again?
- The more I think about it, the more hungry I get.
But he points out that there are many pieces that will fit in case he should be Frölunda-keeper again.
- I do not get up to anything Frölunda. It should fit in sporting, the coach must have their say. It is not only to get into a complete team. It is also about economics.
You can not expect the same high salary in the NHL?
- No, no, he says with a laugh. I think everyone understands that we do not require as much in salary. The major costs of Frolunda is insurance.
You would run started with your training camp now. How good are you in shape?
- Physically I'm in great great shape. But technically and in the game itself is missing a part, even if there are good guys I train with.
When you think of to possibly play with Frolunda in the fall, what do you think?
- Of course, it would be really fun to come home and see family and friends and everyone in Frölunda organization.
- And to play in front of fans at Scandinavium again.

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