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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist's Current Lockout Plan


According to Henrik via his Twitter account, he will be staying in NY for a few weeks to continue to practice, but if the lockout drags on he might go home to Sweden to visit friends and family. Read on for his actual words...

Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
My plan right now is to stay in NY for a few weeks to practice. If this drags on I might go home and see friends and family back in Sweden.
1h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
Trying to keep myself busy during the lockout, I'm so disappointed that we are in this mess.. Thought for sure we would have a deal by now.

Before we all just assume that means he's going to play there, look at his words. It seems like, at this point, he would only be going home to visit. I'm sure Henrik & Therese would like to introduce Charlise to all their family and friends in Sweden. Perhaps he really is only interested in visiting, or is it just my wishful thinking? Selfishly I'd be disappointed if he plays in Sweden just for the simple fact that I probably wouldn't be able to watch him play. Ultimately though, if he feels that playing will help him stay sharp and on top of his game, then he should do it. Hopefully the lockout won't drag on and this won't be an issue. I don't even want to think about Henrik having a prime year of his career go to waste.

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