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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Henrik Lundqvist Head & Shoulders Commercial


This looks like yet another Head & Shoulders commercial. Once again Henrik looks like a natural on camera. This video must be what he mentioned he was filming earlier this summer on his Twitter account. Maybe during the lockout Henrik should do some on camera appearances. Wouldn't it be amazing if he got the opportunity to host SNL one day? I would just love to see that happen. I think the only hockey player who ever hosted the show was Wayne Gretzky. If Eli Manning can do it, surely Henrik can. I also would love to see him on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy is a Rangers fan) that would be really cool. Maybe we should all hit up Jimmy's Twitter account and request Henrik as a guest. What do you all think? Anyway, can anyone from Sweden translate this commercial for the rest of us? As always, it would be very much appreciated. 


Alex Schulman says "we're in New York, the capital of the world" when Henrik suddenly walks up to him and says "hi, how are you, what are you doing here?" Alex answers "we're making a New York guide for Swedish tv". Henrik answers that he's been living here for so long, he knows this place. Alex says "Ok then, so Henrik, what are your favourite places here?" Henrik answers that "it's the Head and Shoulders office, right down the street here.... it's amazing"


Roughly translated (by a Flyers fan):

Alex - The Capital of the World, New York City.
Some Goaltender - Alex. Hi. What are you doing here?
A - We're doing a thing on the NY Giants for Swedish TV so I have to....
SG - C'mon, I've worked here years. Let me help.
A - Ok...uh...Henke, tell us what you've been doing here in New York?
SG - Oh, I work for the #1 office over there...Head & Shoulders. That one there.....Really good....Thanks...See you around.

Thank you Anna and Kevin!

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