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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Remember to Vote for the All-Star Game


I just want to remind everyone to continue voting for Henrik to get into the 2011 NHL All-Star game. If he makes it, (I'm confident he will) it would be his second All-Star game. But there's more- The New York Rangers Blog has started a campaign to write-in Sean Avery for the game. Sean Avery is probably Henrik's best friend on the Rangers. Imagine how fun it would be, not just for them-but for us too- to have both of them at the All-Star game. Come on, everyone let's make this happen. When you go to vote for Henrik, write-in Sean Avery as well! The more Rangers the better!


  1. I voted a little while ago. Just the thought of adding Avery makes me laugh.

    I'm pretty sure his presence will not make the other guys in the ALL STAR GAME happy.

    It's bad enough they have play against him.....But being possibly on the same team as say Oh Crosby or Ovechkin???!!!YIPES!!!

    If they become Captains of their teams....I think Avery will NOT be their first choice.LOL

    If Avery does indeed make it I will tune in every game. It would be quite a show!

    In conclusion......I voted for both....and I look forward to seeing them both there.

  2. Sean will definitely make the game more exciting just by being there.

    I just can't wait to see/hear Gary Bettmans reaction if Sean makes it.

    Keep voting for both!

  3. Ok I voted for henrik 20 times today,and my hands got sore. I will still vote on other days too. I also wrote in Avery and Callahan. They are getting more votes than guys that have been picked to play. I hope they make it. ;]